Italian Love in L.A

Bestia, Felix, Angelina Osteria, Osteria La Buca, Pizzeria Mozza,


That is crazy amounts of sauce and cheese. The first plate looks like the sauce broke and the agnolotti are swimming in pure butter. I’ve only ever had pizza and salad there. I am not feeling motivated to try that pasta, lol.

brown butta!

Corn agnolotti’s a fad? Interesting.

Oh, sorry. Jon & Vinny.

It’s brown butter, not sauce. I loved the agnolotti. We ordered a second helping. :relaxed:

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Osteria Mozza is by far my favorite. You can’t go wrong there.

Bestia is nice but unreasonably popular. The same probably can be said for Felix, though I’ve only once been able to make a reservation there. Rossoblu seems on par without the reservation difficulties. Factory Kitchen is also in the same tier.

Usually, I’d highly recommend Brera. Their risottos and gnocchi are the best I’ve ever had. But my last visit wasn’t very good. The roasted chicken was dry and dreadful. This restaurant never seems to have caught on with mainstream diners.

Angelina Osteria is good too.


Avert your eyes @Bookwich. Here’s a shot of Jon & Vinny’s Agnolotti with escaping creamy, corn, ooze.

It’s actually not a lot of food. The richness doesn’t kill you.

White Lightening Pizza - Mozzarella, Ricotta, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Pickled Jalapeños

The thing about over saucing. I.Like.Sauce.And.Bread. I do like pasta, so don’t kick me off the board. But if I had my druthers I would have everything as a Crostini. It’s actually my fantasy restaurant. My girlfriend once noted that everytime I see crostini on a menu I unconsciously squeal “Oooh Crostini”. Hubby ate most pasta. I dipped & sopped.

Jon & Vinny’s is not a Bestia, Republique or Osteria Mozza. It’s the upscale version of an Italian-American Pizzeria. Note: it’s in Damiano’s old spot. :wink:

For a casually nice, delicious pizza/pasta dinner with friends & family it doesn’t get much better. Note to parents, if you don’t mind a couple of barely noticeable cuss words in music they are quite child-friendly, even providing nifty clip-on highchairs (specify beforehand). Beware of the 18%+tip.

We went to Pasta Sisters last night. Oh lawd. I have a carbohydrate hangover. Will post soon…


Good thoughts @Alkiegourmand. I was looking at Felix’s menu and had a double take at the prices. But the menu is interesting and I still want to try it at some point. Nice Factory Kitchen reminder. The Porchetta is sooo delectable and the famous Handkerchief Pasta w/the light silky Pesto. Yep, delish. You need earplugs though.

Jon & Vinny said the inspiration for Jon & Vinny’s was the simple mom and pop Italian joints they’d go to as children after little league, to celebrate birthdays, etc. They each had distinct memories of restaurants like that from childhood and when they touched upon the shared connection knew they wanted to give that to other families.

Also I’m with you on the Sauce.And.Bread!




I just ate at Norma Siciliana in NY twice but it’s only partially Sicilian

Chi Spacca


Nice! Yah, I’m thinking them moving into Damiano’s old spot is more planned than coincidence.

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It’s not high profile or anything but I always have a really nice meal at Brunello’s in Culver City. I should go more often – actually.

Here is a link:


Not high profile is very welcome, @PaulF.

Gets no love 'cuz it’s mid-range but I love it nonetheless: Cafe Angelino (BHPO)

Italian fusion is a thing, 'cuz it’s L.A. y’all: Jame Enoteca (El Segundo)

Can’t believe it hasn’t yet been mentioned on this thread: Bulgarini (Altadena)

Downhill alert: Angelini Osteria

Luckily the original location of this business still rocks: Pasta Sisters (Mid-City)

Missed (and was loved) by many: Sotto

Had a great run, but in the end was nearing its time to close: Valentino



Nobody dropping Rossoblu?

Good thoughts.

Hah! I think of this when we eat there. You’ve always championed them on this board. Their key imo - even more than location - is how genuinely welcoming they are.

Oops …we needed your considered input on this thread.

P.S. Never had the Chicken Liver Pasta at Sotto! :sob:

:wine_glass: :shrimp: :spaghetti:

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