It's stuff like this that makes me have a knee-jerk reaction to fusion restaurants

I’m just going to order the regular Manti and Khingali if i go



This is hilarious because I can imagine making something like this at home with asian food but I don’t think I’d ever put it on a restaurant menu!

I’m guessing you’re not a fan of cheese in ramen or ddukbokki?

fuck… no i’ve never had cheese on either lol

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Each to his own. I have that place flagged on Google Maps so I can make a detour to get those next time I’m passing through.

Armenians eat cheese.

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When it comes to food, never let appearances, nor descriptions, determine the yummy-ness factor.

Did anyone ever think kimich nachos would be good?’’

Or Bulgogii empanadas?

And how about the sushirito?

Or my favorite, Taiwanese beef rolls made with BBQ pulled pork.

Honestly, if I had my druthers, and I had my choice of execution methods, I might choose to be buried alive in a Taiwanese beef roll made with the San Pablo pulled pork from The Parks Finest.


pleased to be among such open minded folks lol.

Sushi burritos make no sense to me, but those others sound great. I guess if I want kimchi nachos I’ll have to make them myself.

And seriously, if fusion food was somehow icky, what does one make of Hawai’ian food? Which, to me, is the epitome of fusion food coolness.


i got your point… let me see if i can explain mine a little better… i love our dumplings… i grew up obsessed with them… now i see them being put with some fucked up italian olives and mexican pickled chilis in attempt to nachoize them into some tex mex monstrosity that spits on the soul of every grandmother ancestor of ours who made manti so that more americans come buy them



Sushi burrito = uncut maki made edible on the go.

I think that Armenian chef is having fun doing his own thing, not pandering to people who don’t know the cuisine.

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Most things in live change/develop over a long period of time but that doesn’t mean old and new versions can’t bith exist and be enjoyed. It would be a rather boring world if things, including food, would stagnant


ok but messing with classics is an easy target for me to make fun of… i fear people are taking the post very seriously and literally… i dont actually give a crap about what some small spot i’ve never heard of is doing by the foothills

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Nobody thought it would be good, and they were right.

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Pfff. I’ll fight you on that one.

There are a number of food trucks and even a few brick and mortar places that offer some variation on this. You don’t get it because it’s especially great sushi, but then again, you wouldn’t pair pristine raw spot prawn with ‘dynamite sauce’ either. The combos can be pretty yummy and some places will swap out rice for salad if you don’t want the carbs.

For under $10, you can get tasty lean protein that you can shove in your bag and get pack to the office, or eat in the car (as a passenger, of course). Beats the heck out of McDonalds…

Now, if you want to rag on sushi ‘donuts’, I’m with you… that’s just silly.

they call them bowl-litos at Yukos and my friend swears by them

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I like hand rolls. I just don’t see that they make sense in the size and shape of burritos.

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They’re not in a tortilla?

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they’re wrapped in seaweed… it’s like a big musubi… not not as big as a burrito