Izakaya Rintaro

Thinking of going back here for dinner. My first visit was after a bang-bang so i couldn’t try much of the menu. are there any must-order dishes? @beefnoguy what are your favorites?

Yeah Rintaro is pretty solid for the city! They rotate their menu, so what you see on the website may change by the time you visit.

Your focus should be the skewers (anything that suits your fancy). If you need an app to tide you over, sashimi (local fish) or a vegetable/salad/nuta would work. Get one of the fried dishes (teba no karaage is excellent). If you have a large enough party, try either the millefeuille miso katsu, or the chiizu tori katsu in addition. Gyoza is decent too for filler. Finish it off with any udon dish (since they make their own udon in house), and the udon “carbonara” kama tama can be good. Otherwise the satsumaage udon is great too. During colder times of the year, they may have a very small selection of oden.

Their sake pours are some of the most pitiful I’ve seen though. Stick with beer, buy sake by the bottle, or pay corkage and bring your own.

You can also try them for lunch, at least the fried stuff and gyoza can be had then as well.


I could swear I posted about that place. Gone from Chowhound if I did. Liked it but not enough that I went back.

In which I said I could swear I’d posted about it.