J. Gold Top 10 LA Food Trends for 2018


ok wtf is this and how are you supposed to eat it


2 part question, 2 part answer…

  1. Oh damn! I’ve been looking for this morsel in LA! It’s an ancient Chinese pastry made by starving members of Silk Road caravans as they trekked through the Fergana Valley (in what is modern day Uzbekistan), and it’s called 水泥黃金絲.

  2. With your mouth.

By the way, I am glad fire eating is making a sorely needed comeback in LA.


Ask the Moon worshipers

Mango with redwood at Vespertine in Culver City. I don’t think you eat the redwood.

  1. Women in the kitchen

Really? A trend? :thinking:

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This list seems to cover the last year or two or five. I don’t see anything that hasn’t been done.

You wanna stay relevant nowadays, involve some type of SJW and bingo.

Agreed. Everything seemed so 2015 to me…

It’s art. Experience it as you will. Personally, I would smash the bricks together, then delicately lick off whatever remained of the mango.

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I thought it was inspired by the Aether in Thor: The Dark World

But in the article the photo caption to that is “Mango with redwood at Vespertine in Culver City. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times”


it’s clearly the monolith from 2001: a space odyssey


Hm, I’m pretty sure that it’s actually one of those memory erasers from Men In Black


Or it could be an homage to the original Oscar the Grouch…



No, no… It’s definitely the Emperor’s Royal Guard…



And that’s not a ribbed crotch guard either. It’s a Vespertine PEZ dispenser.

I am excited about the new restaurants being opened up by out of towners. The ones I’m mostly excited for are Ippudo Ramen, Tartine Manufactory and the place from the old Manresa chef de cuisine. Forgot the name. I have high hopes for Majordomo. We had a very good meal at Momofuku in Las Vegas but I’m trying to temper my expectations.

i hope David Chang’s new restaurant is all about Ugly Delicious. (Sorry this sounded like an ad)

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Yes his IG feed with that tag usually means something really funky, good, ugly and delicious. From all the press I’ve read it seems like he is going to focus on meats and veggies from the farmers market. But there will undoubtedly be some ugly delicious Korean funk thrown into the mix.

Ugly Delicious is the one true way.

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