James (from Hayato) sighting at Aburiya Raku

Brandon Go’s original right -hand man, James, is now behind the counter at AR.
I don’t know why I find this so interesting, but I do.
This guy:

The food was pretty great too.
1/2 Grilled 1/2 Fried Sea Bream
Chicken Thigh and Wings
Yaki Onigiri with very tasty Ume/Shiso


That’s some good intel! Haven’t been back there in a while

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That’s so cool. He was so great…now I’m more inclined to roll over to WeHo Raku.

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Is he in charge of the sashimi like Matt Weaver was? Or manning the grill?

There was a another guy doing the sashimi (Matt’s old post).
James was just to his right, filleting and prepping the whole fish for the grill or the fryer, and doing salads. I think he worked the stoves and grills a bit too.
It was the perfect place to eat, then take a 10 minute walk to the tiny Peppermint Club to see Dave Chappelle rip it up! Great night.


Great night!