Jangan Restaurant (Koreatown)

How best to describe Jangan?

Maybe the Korean equivalent of Old Country Cafe? Or perhaps Otomisan?

In any event, been coming here semi-frequently for lunch and they do a great daegu jorim (braised black cod) as well as joki gui (fried yellow croaker). Their jigae is supposed to “da bomb” but have yet to try it.

2773 W Olympic Blvd (cross-street, Berendo St.)


So super OG and kind of homey?

I think the Old Country Cafe at Valley and Garfield is closed. I used to go to that one as a kid back in the day for dem pork chop rice

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Wow, unfortunate news. No more great pork chop rice then? :frowning:

Temple City


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Thanks @ipsedixit! Is that where Old Country moved to now? I’m hoping it’s a nicer space? Does everything still tastes the same. :slight_smile:

Yes, and Yes, and generally Yes.

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