January 2017 Weekend Rundown

May this be our best year yet.


This year, I’m ready to make real, positive change in my life.

That’s why I kickstarted the new year by heading over to Pann’s for day one of my Patty Melt Cleanse.


Collard greens for breakfast. Happy New Year.


The holidays have worn me out…a nice, hot bowl of pho to treat my sore throat and exhaustion at Pho 45 in La Mirada. Too distracted by the lure of the hot and well-balanced broth, hit heavily with lime to soothe my throat and Thai basil to add an herby freshness to take a photo. Not the best pho, but good enough to help kill the ills I’ve got…and it’s a 5 minute drive from home.


I rang in the New Year with my International Carb Festival: vegetarian fan tuan and buns from Huge Tree Pastry, leftover falafel from Saj Bakery, and whole wheat toast from Lodge Bakery with hummus. I washed it down with iced jasmine tea from Ten Ren Tea.

And yes, the fan tuan look a bit odd on the plate, but they were very moreish.

My lychee-mango parfait was from JJ2 Bakery in Alhambra. It was a little too sweet and had a mixture of canned and not-so-ripe fruit, but it wasn’t too bad considering…

*Edited My husband noticed that the International Carb Festival looks like a wonky face. #foodthatlookslikeaface :laughing:


Had been planning to go to Ruen Pair but my dinner partner had to cancel. I did not want to go a night without that turnip omelette–so I made one myself. Came out pretty damn good. Flavor was similar (though I over salted it compared to Ruen Pair), but on the bright side, I was able to cook my eggs in a way to retain their creaminess, whereas Ruen Pair fries the tar out of them. The work was in shredding a whole turnip, which was annoying, but after that it was pretty easy. Here are 2 pics–1 in the pan, 1 just out. Eaten with rice, it was awesome.


I tried to go to Pailin this afternoon, but it was closed for the holidays, so it was the perfect excuse to try DeSano Pizza Bakery in East Hollywood. FTC’ers, you did not steer me wrong. I ordered the Verdura pizza, which was topped with some of my favorite ingredients: broccoli rabe, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and a combination of scamorza, mozzarella di bufala, and pecorino romano. I’m afraid that I ate way too much and will have to do a few more laps when I get back to jogging after the holidays, but it was worth it.


I think they now make my favorite calzones, esp. since Sotto stopped making theirs.


Oh, good to know, @ipsedixit!

Nice pizza @MaladyNelson! Glad you finally got to try DeSano. :slight_smile:

That looks like a delicious pie.

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Needed to refuel after the 11 mile Rose Parade bandit run so went to Cindy’s Eagle Rock for some pancakes. My daughter was hoping to see Justin Timberlake there, but no dice (see his video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling” if you don’t know the reference!).


We tried Scotchery in Costa Mesa. We had the French onion soup and lobster bisque to start. Both were fantastic. The French onion soup had a really nice, deep flavor without being too salty, and the bisque was creamy lobster goodness.

We also had the foie gras creme brulee and the mussels. The sweetness of the brulee was a great complement to the subtle flavor of the foie. The mussels were perfectly cooked

This place has a strange location on Harbor Blvd. in a business park, but I’m looking forward to going back to try their steaks.

It was pretty dark, so the pictures didn’t turn out.


Have someone use the flashlight function on their phone. But be quick about it. :wink:


Mezcal Tequila Ice-Cream

It’s like rum raisin ice-cream, but with tequila and little pieces of chewy, dried breadfruit. Excellent.


Tempura shiitakes from Inaba in Torrance, with some Juice Lee (Monkish Brewing and Cellarmaker Brewing collab):


Fancy Fucking Beer for I-Naba…BYO, or menu?

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Are those rustic laws as good as the grapevine says for sour beers?

Is that a takeout order? how well did it travel?

It was a takeout order. I live in Torrance, practically down the street from Inaba, so it traveled fine. Still nice and crispy when I got home. Also got their teriyaki chicken plate which was very good, too.

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Oh yes. Especially their West Ashley and Saison Bernice.