January 2019 Weekend Rundown

Happy New Year, FTC!


The traditional New Year Day steak board. My brother grills steaks, then slice them up two or three at a time, depending on hunger and number of people. This goes on for hours. The salt is as important as the meat. It must be the best salt!

P.S. Happy New Year, @attran99!


Ma Dang

Had some craving for some noodle soup in this “cold” weather. I also like Olympic Noodle and Myung Dong Kyoja.

Kimbap. Is that hot dog or some type of peppery korean sausage?


Clam Noodle with some dank house chili sauce.

This is a fine establishment!! The noodles were great and adding some of that chili sauce brought on some great depth to an already good broth. Stop by! Big parking lot by Central LA standards not Home Depot or Warehouse Shoe big but parking shouldn’t be an issue. Kitchen powered by Korean Aunties.


Lodge Bread (Culver City location)

Cinnamon Roll.
The cream/frosting is absolutely tasty and not overly sweet. Very thick and dense. Cold. Who likes cold cinnamon rolls? At least Cinnabon at the mall comes warm and moist giddy giddy goo goo

Ehh egg yolk was not runny. But I liked the sauce with the peppers, onions, spices, and herbs and using the bread of course to mop it up. Who makes the best in So Cal?


My guess would be spam or a hot dog.
Ma Dang Gook Soo is great. They must be busy these days.

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We took a guest from Sevilla to Ma Dang over the break and he didn’t know what hit him. He’s about 270 and didn’t even come close to finishing lol. I like the kalguksu at Myung Dong Noodle House on Irolo too, just took a korean who cooks a lot at home and she loved


Jun Won

Chicken Bulgogi sold out at dinner!!

Was eye fuking the table next to me big pot of Galbijim, it looks great.

The Cod?

As always perfect! Sweet, moist, and buttery cod. And that daikon just soaks up everything.

Favorite banchan of night was these radishes. Slightly oily with garlic notes infused

Jun Won is still one of the best in Koreatown!!


her greens banchan are crazy! jun won #1 for us… no doubt… we have to call now in regard to chicken because kid gets very sad if they don’t have it (and ends up eating fried fish)… jun won taught us how koreans like to wrap rice and meat into seaweed so now we have to bring our own every time (and donate some to the house of course).

roy choi was over there last week

After watching SALT.FAT.ACID.HEAT, I don’t doubt you. Partner salted up a chicken and some short ribs after being inspired by the show, and they were delish…


Got this book for Christmas. I can’t wait to get through it.


Found myself in the South Bay with friends today. They wanted to have lunch at Kagura…and it was delightful! @Chowseeker1999 the black pork set for lunch was so good! And it was a pretty hefty lunch with chawanmushi, salad, the perfect pork katsu, pork and vegetable soup, rice, and 5 types of pickled vegetables. One of my friends got the muillefille shiso and cheese pork and another tried the tomahawk pork rib chop…that was one was gorgeous. My favorite was my black pork katsu. My friend perused the dinner menu and found more than a few items she hadn’t had since she came home from her teaching post in Japan 5 years ago. Looks like we’ll be headed back for dinner sometime soon.
Tried to bang-bang at Pâtisserie Chantilly, but they are closed until next week for the New Year holiday. We ended up at Nagomi Cake House instead, where we tried @thechez5 ‘s strawberry cake, the seasonal chestnut Mont Blanc, and baked apple cream tart. Everything was so light and delicious. The apple cream tart was more like a baked apple cheesecake on a terrific cookie crust. I got a few other things to take home for the husband and the kids.


Glad you liked it! I’m obsessed with that place. :smile:


We got overexcited. I entirely brought too many things to take home. The strawberry cake reminds me of my own birthday cakes growing up…except mine had a brush of a rum simple syrup. Song Long Bakery (Garden Grove)
Do you have any experience with the sushi place next door? From the looks of it, it’s promising.

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Have you been to either of the mochi places near Nagomi? Chikara or Sakuraya. Both look very good.

@js76wisco My friend has been to Sakura-Ya. She says it’s good, but maybe not as good as Fugetsudo in Little Tokyo.

Thanks @attran99. Fugetsudo is the standard bearer but I’m Torrance often so I’ll give it a try.

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Hi @js76wisco,

I’ve been to all 3 (including Fugetsudo). My favorite is probably Sakura-ya for taste and mouthfeel. :slight_smile: Posted some pics and thoughts a while back:


So glad you liked your visit to Kagura! :blush:

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Golden Deli

I read some thread requesting multiple pictures of the same dish, so here ya go.

rib eye, brisket, tendon
love the damn tendons here, huge chunks of soft, gelatinous, tendon with enough collagen to win the kylie jenner challenge.

cha gio, shrimp paste, banh hoi

Does ordering a 30 cha gio party tray for myself make me look fat?

Special shout-out for their friendly service.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999. I forgot about your visit and post.