January 2019 Weekend Rundown

Definitely worth a try if you are down here. Probably the best non-traditional variation you can find in So Cal

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Ooooo gotta go check out El Tocho, thanks for the tip.

Hamberders from the White House commissary


I get a McD’s craving every now and then. Sometimes I act on it sometimes I don’t.

I don’t care what anyone says I love Chicken Nuggets dipped in both sweet and sour and bbq.

Only thing missing is some Vanilla cones


Spent the afternoon in Manhattan Beach.

The Arthur J
Our Napa/Sonoma wine club had their annual LA/OC party this afternoon. To compliment their fine chards/Pinot Noirs/Cabs, there was a plentiful selection of charcuterie and formage with fresh grilled bread and tray-passed steakhouse offerings. Lamb chops with chimichurri, seared salmon with carmalized fish sauce, crispy pork belly, flat iron steak bites, cheeseburger sliders, chicken meatballs with gravy, and mushroom flatbread. I really need to have dinner here sometime…the bites they serve are truly fantastic.
Love & Salt
While Chef Michael has departed, this place is still popping. It was full in no time after opening. The English muffins were not on the menu tonight. We were rather comfortable after snacking and drinking at Arthur J, so we just ordered some dishes to share. The creste de gallo is a must order for me…and I feel like it’s gotten better since the last time I had it. The toothsomeness of the pasta was just perfect and the sauce with bone marrow…we ordered bread so we could sop up the sauce with it. We also had the octopus which was cooked well and a bit aggressively dressed with green and beans. Enjoyed the charred broccoli with lemon and toasted breadcrumbs. I should have convinced the group to get the duck egg pizza, but everyone else was pretty comfortable and not really gung ho to order more. Service was great as always. Cocktails were solid, too…after 3 hours of drinking wine, it’s hard to want more wine.



And yet?


So now that I know what a decent curry joint in the UK tastes like, I’m trying to find something similar in the LA. @MyAnnoyingOpinions mentioned Gate of India (and, IIRC, his last experience there was ~20 yrs ago?). Well, it’s still in Santa Monica. Partner had a hankering for tandoori chicken, so we tried it tonight for the first time.

Apparently the restaurant had been at another location nearby for over 20 yrs but had to vacate b/c of a fire. It took ~3 yrs for them to find another location, and they opened in the current location about a year ago.

Ambiance is warehouse pop up; this ain’t the place to go on a first date.

We had the achaar (achari?) chicken, tandoori chicken, and spinach and potato curry. The spinach and potato curry was both delicious. Wonderfully seasoned, and the spinach that actually resembled, well, spinach vs. the pureed mess you often see.

I liked, but didn’t love, the achaar chicken. It was a bit sweet, and I would’ve preferred it to be a bit more tart. Ritu mentioned that she purposely makes it a bit sweet.

The tandoori was very weird. There was nothing in terms of the appearance or taste to suggest that it had been in an, well, oven. And it was all white meat. Whatever sauce was on top tasted distinctly… Chinese. If you didn’t know this was tandoori chicken, the taste was okay as a strange chicken thing, but this is a DEFINITE skip.

Rita seems like a riot.

It’s not as good as the food I had this summer in the UK, but it’s close enough to hit the spot. No thick, gloppy sauces; it less oily than the usual LA Indian food; and you could actually recognize component ingredients of the dish. And each dish had a distinct flavor and texture (woo-hoo!).

Forgot to take a pic of the spinach and potato curry, argh.



Ah, the memories.

The space seems like a far cry from the original (by Thai Dishes down on Broadway) which was ludicrously over-decorated with billowing silks everywhere (always worried it would go up in flames while we were in there). I think I’ve mentioned that on one occasion, after establishing I am Bengali, Rita began the preliminaries of trying to set me up with her (very attractive) daughter. I don’t remember the food as well but it was always tasty enough.

Is Chandni still around as well?

i see this entire conversation has happened before…

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Using the good silver to enjoy the best house-made vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis in L.A. at The California Club while the everyone else at my table is on the dance floor. My yearly request for the big band version of “Baby Got Back” was predictably and summarily rebuffed…



Yes. I’ve only eaten at both places once, so hard for me to make a comparison.

My god that looks amazing.

Assorted January jaunts.

Uncle Fung Borneo after a stop at MOOLA, Museum of Latin American Art which currently has a really cool tattoo exhibition.

While in that general area, also popped into Choriman for a trio of different chorizo tacos

Tried Chon Dak in Gardena with hopes that it could scratch that Korean bar snack place like OB Bear without driving to Ktown. Was not impressed but managed to salvage it with a visit next door to Nagomi Cake House (no pics)

Fried chicken wings

Seafood pancake

Grilled squid

Just this past weekend, tried Muodo Shanghai Cuisine in Lomita, same center as Kotosh. Liked their dumplings a lot

Signature fried pork bun

no interior shot since I was dealing with liquid while biting into it

scallion pancake

braised lamb noodle soup

No pics of potstickers or the mini pork wonton in soup as those were standard. We’re glad we tried it and satisfies the dumpling itch without having to go SGV. Prices were remarkably decent too.

Did a search and doesn’t seem like anyone has posted, so here’s the link

Although their site menu doesn’t come close to actually listing their entire menu which has more interesting stuff than your standard american chinese sweet sour and general tso.

Yelp menu pics give you a better idea


I went foraging. I haven’t been able to find a lime tree.

Did someone say they had Seville oranges to barter?


Late post of my dinner at Tallula’s on the last day of DineLA . I’d been avoiding the place because of the lukewarm reports last year.

A trusted food buddy recommended I try the $39 DineLA prix fixe with trout as the main entree. The rainbow trout was perfectly roasted with crispy skin and tender meat, sauced with guajillo garlic butter, and studded with roasted Romanesco cauliflower and shishito peppers. Other items included: complimentary snacks (guacamole, epazote and champagne vinegar pickles, chips); Hamachi and shrimp ceviche with squid ink pasilla aguachile; churros with Mexican dipping chocolate for dessert.

I enjoyed it all, but I prefer to think of the cuisine as New American with Mexican ingredients. Every dish had some sort of twist. Very likely I’ll go back even without the DineLA discount.

Service was really attentive — my server checked on me around 5 times and the bussers did as well.


They has such a bad roll out. Too bad because I also think it is very good and not a “real” Mexican place…just a real good place.

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Great eating @A5KOBE!

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I was just about to ask what seafood is like there. Thanks for the tip.

Oh wow…Okay!

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Did you like any of it? :grin:

Fantastic eating. I had no idea Fundamental LA was like that. I work so close but rarely go out for lunch, and when I get off I quickly head east.

I want to jump in this bowl. Is it the photo or is it that good?