January 2021 Rundown

When I lived in the hood…


Rainy day lunch from A Cut Above. Chili cheese fries, roast beef, and turkey. I think the turkey is best, and we didn’t even get it with the bacon it usually comes with. Baguette is soft and chewy, which does a lot better with these sandwiches than it did with the banh mi.


Bang - half bang

Win-Dow at American Beauty

Awesome burger and perfectly cooked fries.

Stolen crappy photo since my crApple phone screwed up my shot.

Wifey got fries there, not knowing I ordered fries from Wurstküche Venice. Just fries so it’s a half bang.

Wurstküche sells Nesbitt’s peach soda… so Fn good!!


I like how the soda is the only item to get the photo lightbox treatment here.


LOL, stolen baby!


Tempura Endo (Beverly Hills) is currently offering nice “Ten Chirashi” and “Ten Maki” takeout options.

As high-end tempura pieces are meant to be enjoyed right then and there (#ERTAT), piping hot, just out of the fryer, tempura ryori represents one of the most difficult formats to prepare for take-out. Having said that, I think my chirashi and maki were delicious. I was the only customer doing takeout on the night I went, sadly.


dang that looks good, too bad its out of my way.

James?.. Sugishita? :wink:

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Was thinking about trying the Red Ribbon Chicken, but didn’t even know they had closed, because after so many chances we told them to piss off a while ago… way before Covid. Careless, inconsistent and just meh.

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Really thoughtful.:hearts:

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SGV Bang x2 well technically x3.

So, to be truthful, wifey and I are not the most adventurous eaters. You’d expect more from someone named “Gr8pimpin” but… yeah.

So she wanted Lunasia for a few dim sum dishes and in-car dining. We hit the road from Santa Monica. Shortly after passing the 405 on the 10, she placed an order.

Traffic was so light, we made it there 1/2 hour before the order was scheduled to be ready for pickup.

I am a fatass who can’t wait patiently to eat, so I decided to see what else I could consume while waiting for Lunasia.

Hui Tou Xiang

Thanks to previous mentions by @thechez5 @moonboy403 , @PorkyBelly , and @JeetKuneBao I saw that I had this place marked, for the Hui Tou (pork) dumplings.

This place was setup for safety.

Ate in the parking lot.

The Hui Tou were so juicy i should have saved them to eat at home in the bathtub. I literally took a shower in the juice. My wife bit into one and the steady sprays of juice, like a statue of someone peeing. LOL!

These really were so tasty. Wrapper is definitely on the thicker side. Loved them more than my car seat and floor and shirt.


Again, nicely setup for protecting customers. I appreciate the efforts a lot.

Plexiglass separates the customer area.

No report needed. You guys know this place. Everything seemed fresh, didn’t sit long so they were right on about the pickup time. Everything is really nicely packed. Great packaging.

Oh, bang 3, Burger King for sodas.

Parked at the mortuary a block from Lunasia. Quite scenic.



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thank you for that visual. and just so nobody else misses out, i’ll leave this here.

i’ll see myself out.


OMG, that’s exactly what I thought of, Manneken Pis in Brussels.


Ah, I remember when my dad was biting into a (homemade) dumpling, the juice went straight across the table and hit me in the eye. Memories…

My contribution for this weekend: cassoulet from Lucques Catering. Partner said it best: “extraordinary.” Even the breadcrumbs were f*cking delicious. Only 2 pieces (edit: chunks!) of the most delicious sausage I might’ve ever tasted. Thankfully, there a decent amount of duck. :slight_smile:


OMG, :joy:!!

That cassoulet looks so amazing!!

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My Hui Tou Xiang visual (no Bernie mit mittens, for once), similar to the pissing beef balls of “God of Cookery”…


That’s exactly what I was thinking of.


Ours were streams, as opposed to spray. It was so effen hilarious!

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