Japan's Fast Food Kara-Age (Fried Chicken) Specialist Arrives in L.A. - Karayama [Thoughts + Pics]



Thanks for the review. I think I’ll stick to the karaage at Ikkousha. :grin:


You post the best reviews and your pictures are so great. Thank you!
Considering the excess heat level posting another link to this great video as the url has changed, https://www.southernfoodways.org/film/hot-chicken/

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Thanks for the report @Chowseeker1999. Hopefully the new pikunico at the row will fare better.


While it doesn’t sound (quite) horrid, this sounds like a def skip for me…

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Thanks for taking one for the team. I am quite happy though with the chicken at Kitakata or Ikkousha.


Thanks @ebethsdad. I’m definitely curious about trying the original hot chicken places; just worried I might not make it to the next day! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @thechez5. Yes, great reference point. The Kara-age at Ikkousha in comparison is more flavorful, crispy and just better executed. :slight_smile:

Your reviews and field-work are just outstanding. I also must say how much I admire your discerning taste! You’re one of the few that make this board so great.

I should correct myself. You are one of the many who make this board so great! But, yeah, you’re special.

Hi @Bob_Brooks,

Thanks! You’re giving me too much credit. This board is great because of all of the FTC’ers and posts from everyone. :slight_smile:

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I love Japanese Curry and so we made a stop here after a long road trip because we wanted quick comfort food.

All in all…Meh. The Curry was okay… I loved the veggies…but it wasn’t enough for me to go back because the Curry was so lack luster…


We tried the Karage plate and the portion was plentiful, but very one note. They have all sorts of dipping options, but overall, it was a very boring dish.


All in all, I would rather pay more and make the trek to Tokyo Chicken…

Thanks for the report back @Dommy. Sounds like you got the same feeling we did. The Karaage is… just OK, and one note like you said.

Yep! We had high hopes because of their pedigree and generally Japanese concepts are all about execution.
But I think they rushed to opening and are a bit too confident with their limited menu. I saw the Anzo Sabo in Fox Hills Mall go through the same thing and suprisingly it’s still there!

But Little Tokyo… Within walking distance there is SO much better food, maybe even better Karaage for around the same price point. We LOVED the new ramen off shoot from Daikokuya, Hachioji!