Javier's Century City - Godawful in every way

Having hit Eataly this morning, I thought I would make my way back to Eataly for lunch, but it was not to be because there was a line to get in the door. (I had thought I could waltz in the door and order at one of the take-out counters even if the restaurants were “fully committed” so to speak). Lines and I don’t mix well, so I decided to take myself to Javier’s, the recently opened, putatively upscale, Mexican place in the mall. Javier’s can now join Panini Kabob in the pantheon of really crappy mall food.

Having seen the wonderful looking fish at the Eataly fishmonger this morning, I was having a real craving for fish. Perfect, I thought, since somehow I had formed the impression that Javier’s was known for its fish. I inquired as to the fish of the day served “Veracruz” style – halibut. Okay, price? $45 (for lunch). What comes with it? Some white rice. That’s all? Yes. (If you want some vegetables, that is a side order for $10 - so if you want some phytonutrients with your fish lunch at Javier’s, that will be $55, exclusive of beverages).

Passed on the halibut. Who knows – maybe that halibut was so wonderful that it is worth $45, but we are not talking about a fine dining environment and for a lunch that is going to exceed $75 with tax and tip, I at least want to be in a nice environment (more about the environment below).

Ordered two chicken tacos for $22. Comes with beans and white rice. Skipped the rice. Tacos bland and tasteless, as were the beans.

Restaurant annoyingly loud – not fun and energetic like some of the non-quiet restaurants that people complain about in Los Angeles – just annoyingly loud. How ugly was the restaurant? Depends on your tolerance for kitsch. I found it dreadfully ugly – I felt like I was on a cruise ship or at the “Magic Kingdom” with some kitsch vision of what Mexico looks like.

How bad was the service? I had to ask the waiter to bring me silverware after he dropped off my lunch, since while I could eat the tacos with my hands, I could not do so for those bland beans. I also couldn’t get my check. Finally, I just stood up and stood at my table for at least 5 minutes before someone surmised I wanted the check, and then it took another 5 minutes for the check to appear.

One of my officemates had announced this morning that he wanted to take the whole office to Javier’s now that it had opened. When he returns this afternoon, I will let him know that he couldn’t pay me to join the group.

I am fervently looking forward to the protein bar stashed in my drawer that I will be having later, since it will be vastly better than my lunch at Javier’s.


Piece of crap corporate food. In OC, it’s where the super rich eat instead of heading over to Santa Ana.


Ah, that makes sense. Probably reminds them of Disneyland.

I believe Javier’s OC location is where the Real Housewives of OC ate at on the show on a regular basis, so I figured it would be garbage… Not that I ever watched that show or anything… :no_mouth:


Come to think of it, it did have a Real Housewives’ kind of vibe. And the two women sitting in a booth adjacent to me were so frickin’ loud and annoying that perhaps they were Real Housewives of Century City.

Never, ever again.

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@Omotesando Sorry for your terrible experience. I don’t enjoy that place, either, but I have friends who insist on going to the OC location on occasion. I usually have to comfort myself with margaritas and repeating “at least there’s a nice view” in my head throughout the duration of my visit. The benefit of the view at sunset makes it somewhat not bad.

I’m not sure where I formed the mistaken impression that Javier’s would be good food – perhaps because of all the Westfield hype that Javier’s was coming, Javier’s was coming.

I don’t drink hard liquor, which is a downside at these kind of crappy mall restaurants, since I’m guessing they can’t screw up a margarita (or maybe they can, since I know nothing of margaritas). Their wine list is beyond crappy, befitting their Real Housewives’ vibe.

One does not go to Javier’s to enjoy delicious and reasonably priced mexican food. You go to enjoy some cocktails and take in the scene. I’m sorry to be so blunt but this sounds like user error. Lesson learned right?

Definitely user error. I had no idea that Javier’s was a chain, and apparently based in Orange County. I have a horror of both Orange County where my parents live and where I find it exceedingly difficult to find good food and of chain restaurants (other than say Shake Shack, which I quite like if I am in the mood).

Oh well, there is always Waxman’s, which is going up near Javier’s. Hope springs eternal that one can eat well in Century City . . .

It often gets put on best of Laguna lists but there is a reason why… It’s Laguna… Folks are going to miss the Pink Taco…


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I was looking to see if this was the same Javier’s that regularly hosts Vicki Gunvalson and her frenemies…

@strongoxman Yes, the OC wives go to the Newport location.

I know where I formed mine: the website is quite impressive, especially regarding the steak and seafood “programs.” It had me drooling and practically reserving a table (until I read this thread).


I’ve never seen so many 1 and 5 star reviews for one place


Who knows? Maybe that $45 halibut is really worth it, although after my experience I am highly skeptical. The $22 tacos were definitely not worth it. And the wine list sucks and the ambience is loud and kitschy.


I’ve never seen so many 1 and 5 star reviews for one place


Wow, I just took a glance at the Yelp reviews. One thing that struck me was that even the posters who didn’t like the food (bland and unseasoned was a common comment, which aptly described my $22 tacos, which are apparently $26 (!) for dinner) thought the restaurant was beautiful. Different strokes for different folks – it’s beautiful if you like kitschy theme park design.

Waxman’s open soon.

I guess you missed the LA weekly review of that Halibut. You would have had a life altering experience.

I was actually tempted to try it after deciding the Eataly on opening night wasn’t a good idea. I think the flame/torch/whatever outside was giving me serious “Prince of Persia” vibes (the computer game), and I have fond memories of that game. Random, yes, but the unconscious (and marketing) works in weird ways…

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Spoke to a friend who dined at Javier’s on Friday night. She and her companion nabbed a seat in the bar area, but she said otherwise there was over a 2 hour wait for dinner. I know it’s only food, but somehow that made me very sad that people would wait two hours to eat that mediocre food.

My friend wasn’t as offended by the decor as I was. She agreed the restaurant is over the top loud. She said her $28 shrimp enchilada was ordinary and that her $18 margarita was no better than a margarita you would get anywhere.

I’m happy to find this thread (good read) and depressed too. We’re going with a group of friends. The shocker is the one who picked it is a food lover… from Mexico City! Reason? “The food is so so, but I like the cocktails.” WHAT? Yep. But he likes the drinks and we :heart: him, so…

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