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Aww yeah I’m glad you got to try L’industrie!

I am debating whether to drop the coin for Phantom tickets. If you guys didn’t already know they are closing this spring! To make it somewhat food related should I hit up Adel’s halal after a show? Worth the wait?

Lion King was a lot of fun. That’s probably my favorite Disney cartoon. Second place would be Aladdin. I missed Death of a Salesman.

I’ll be in the city this weekend for Chinese New Years. I’ll be in Manhattan Chinatown. Happy New Year!

Support Chinatown!

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If you haven’t seen Phantom yet and want to avoid FOMO then def go, but maybe moderate your expectations haha. I saw it years ago and was really disappointed tbh. I am a huge fan of the movie and was hyped to see the musical so I think that made it worse. I am not a huge broadway person but I was talking with a friend who is and she also felt the same way about the musical - that they kinda phoned it in.

Happy CNY! Manhattan chinatown is a great place to be for it!

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Lemme know where you end up in Chinatown and whether it was good. Always looking for new ideas (of course, I already have a lot of old ideas).

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You are in luck. One of the best and most traditional food to eat for New Years is a whole fish. So Ping’s Seafood it is!

I still think about Fish Cheeks whole steamed fish with garlic, herbs, and lime :heart_eyes:

I love both those places! Maybe I’ll just steam my own damn fish.

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Spicy Village, Chinatown.

Let me preface and say that I am not a big fan of heavy cumin flavored dishes so the big plate chicken is not my cup of tea.

I would argue the tomato egg showcases these noodles better than the big plate chicken. I devoured this. A little chile oil would have been perfect.

Pepper Chicken. This was so good with some rice.

This place was poppin! It is on a Saturday I know.
What’s most impressive is the majority of customers were lao wai’s. I was probably the only Mandarin speaking customer. It’s a small spot. This is a Henan restaurant owned/operated by Fujianese with lots of lao wai’s eating there. Kind of a shock compared to SGV. Will come back again. I got it to-go. If it was a nice day I would recommend to bring it across the street to Sara D and enjoy it alongside the families/uncles in the park.


Super Taste, Chinatown.

Also a very small restaurant with lots of lao wai lol also ordered it to go. East of Bowery is less touristy and crowded but this place was packed.

Lanzhou Spicy Beef Noodles.

Potstickers with very garlicky soy and chile oil.

Pretty good. I am partial to Taiwanese Beef Noodle though. The noodles were great.

I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing but small restaurants like these it’s rude to just hang around and socialize while there are people trying to have a seat. I think the customers who are waiting for a table would like you to gtfo.

Also maybe it’s just Manhattan Chinatown but the dumplings here are different….the price point is cheap, it’s just different to me.

NY’ers here love dumplings, peanut noodles, and rice rolls.


If you have time, check out Lanzhou on E B’way, which I think is better than Super Taste (and a lot more comfortable to sit around in). My favorite was Qi Noodles, but they’re gone. Sad face.

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Brings back memories… Super Taste was a weekly thing in our NYC days. When my wife was pregnant with #1 and #2, I’d make the trek down and get the noodles to go - they’d lose their Q-ness but were still delicious. I miss the cacophony of the wife yelling out orders to the back and the husband slamming dough on the metal counter… not sure if it’s still like that as it seems to have “gentrified.”

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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

Chinatown Fair.

Nice to see all the restaurants on Mott, and Bayard full of people!

Check it out this deli/bodega/corner store has artsy magazines along with bongs!

Cracks me up in NYC you got bongs/pipes alongside drinks/chips lol


I was reading on a (non-food related) board that eggplant on pizza and anchovy on pizza is a “thing” in NYC? Is that true???

Maybe @js76wisco and @Sgee can chime in but I don’t think so.

When it comes to a NYC style slice at the heavy hitters it’s pretty damn simple. It’s usually gonna be cheese or pep.
Some places may get a little creative but for the most part those are the go-to.

Mikes hot honey is kinda of a thing with the new school places.

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I thought anchovy on pizza has always been a thing. That was always a joke on tmnt as a kid.

What’s that?

Both have been around as long as I have. A “thing” like cheese on a burger is a thing.


Teenage mutant ninja turtles

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Tried it at Apollonia’s Pizza. Not a fan.

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Michaeli Bakery. That cinnamon roll tastes like a cinnamon roll without all the frosting that weighs you down. Got to try the famous babka. Am I suppose to heat this up at home?


Sun Hing Lung

Rice roll. This might be the best texture wise for rice rolls so far. The sauces are kinda watered down. Otherwise pretty damn good. No fresh shrimp here though btw. I’ll fight anyone on this but shrimp is the way to go for rice rolls.

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Not for everyone. For my tastes a little bit with a spicy cured meat is pretty good.