Jiangbing in L.A. or SGV Chinese Breakfast Wrap

Is this anywhere around L.A. or SGV, I want to try it. It is a CHinese Breakfast wrap, street food. Looks amazing!

Lots of places have it in/around SGV (west and east).

Immediate places that come to mind include Garage, Yung Ho, Four Seas, Huge Tree, etc.

But probably the best of the bunch is at Fortune No. 1 (in Monterey Park, on Garvey near Garfield)

So it looks similar to the ones in the pictures? Don’t tease me or get me all worked up like this. LOL

Which picture? The ones in your link?

Sort of, but you won’t see them prep it.

And just remember, as with all things street food, part of the charm is eating it while standing on a street corner. A NYC dirty water dog immediately comes to mind.

Fortune No 1’s rendition is essentially the same as China. Same fried “guozi texture”, same paste, except they fold extra (usually you only get one egg in China) eggs outside, and they cut it for you if you dine in.


versus a JBGZ from a Tianjin old shop, 滿天紅美食園:

Four seas and Huge tree do not serve jian bing. They serve the Taiwanese dan bing which uses d’frent batter and is sans “guo zi”, which imparts one of the essentially characters of JBGZ: the fried crunchiness. Both versions are tasty, but one must note the severe difference if on a quest to match the Serious Eats article.

Fwiw, in terms of “best” Chinese restaurant, from the amount of communists at Fortune No 1 every morning, FN1, to taste/food/price/operating times/and, if you must, speed, comes pretty damned close to the top. If it had a roll-up instead of a front wall, it could be a shop in Tianjin. And Tianjin doesn’t muck about with its baos + JBGZ.


Never tried one of these. Id like to

also from FN1, but apparently different plates & table top.

if you go to FN1, also get one of their fried cinnamon thingys

mine was take-out. I can’t stand dining amongst that many chain smoking socialist. But they have since “remodeled”.

But they are still swarmed by the PRC tour bus crowd, yes?

They were never swarmed by the tour buses, just ex-pats. Garage restaurant across the street is. I don’t fux w/ that place; trying to copy Huge Tree, and can’t even make a bao right. Foul.