Jiangnan Cuisine (San Francisco)

I been eyeballing this place for my next visit. Anyone been? Favorite dishes?

I have been back twice since my report in that thread, repeating the sweet and sour spare ribs, the rice dish the rice cakes. Oh and the meatballs. The first time I went back I enjoyed it all as much as the first time. The next time I thought the food seemed a little different. For example, the sauce on the spare ribs wasn’t quite as balanced was sweeter than before. It was just less finessed, I think. Still really good though. The reason I’ve had much of the same dishes a few times was because I was encouraging friends to try them out. Next time I want to try some seafood.

Last time I did have the shredded chicken with green soybean to have something I thought might be lighter compared to all these dark soy colored dishes. It was a nice simple stir fry of tender chicken with edamame and green peppers and celery, I think. There was a surprising amount of chili heat in the dish, for something that looked mild. It wasn’t exactly spicy, but nearly.


Ok maybe I failed to link to the actual thread…

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