Jimboys Tacos - NorCal but heading south also


This is now a franchise so I can’t vouch for them. But my husband has been eating them since his teens at their original location in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, back in the 50s/60s. That one is long gone but we eat at one of them in Reno. It’s fast food but we love it. Just the plain ground beef. We ate three each for dinner last night and that’s a lot for me.

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Wow, haven’t thought of Jimboy’s in years. The classic beef taco, with the parmesan cheese, was my go-to order for the commute home from college, some very many years ago. Also recall the grilled burritos.

That cheese is, AFAIK, unique and darn tasty. Where were you coming from? Sacto? Chico?

The Mother Lode and then a bit higher up-country - college in Sac and Stockton. Those were long commutes!

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