Joe & Pat's Pizza - Staten Island

After a disappointing morning exploring some purported ‘gems’ in Staten Island, my day was salvaged by lunch at Joe & Pats. First time trying a ‘cracker’ thin crust pizza. (Although I think this is also Shakey’s pizza house style?)

Think I still prefer the slightly chewier thin crust variety. The vodka sauce though, the :bomb:! This might be my new favorite plain pizza base!!!


Side note: Not sure if it’s me but my ethnic cuisine forays into the outer boroughs have more often than not been dissapointments. Starting to wonder if I should cease these arduous journeys through the filthy subway system and just stick to Manhattan. Very unusual… have I been spoilt by my years living in LA or is the quality of food in these ethnic enclaves just of a very poor quality…?


You really need a local to show you the ropes.

As you know, just like in LA, there are secret menus, then there are secret menus.

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I need to find some new local friends… it’s really been quite a while since I’ve bombed out so many times in a new city and in NYC no less. :crazy_face:

You no longer have to shlep to S.I. to have Joe & Pat’s pizza. In May, their Manhattan satellite opened at 168 First Ave., near 10th St.

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Ah that’s good news, thanks.

Oh my. Sounds like you may want to consider changing (not lowering or raising) your expectations. One of our favorite things about the area is the ability to take the public transpo every single place we go. Every. Single. One. :slight_smile:

I’m have nothing against subway systems. In fact I find them to be a great form of public transportation.

However the conditions in NYC are just disgusting. I don’t plan to regress and ‘celebrate’ these substandard conditions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow! I’m shocked…that it’s THAT bad. My “magic house” aura tends to stay with me no matter where I go but I can see where not everyone is that tough. I have to say those petri dishes are pretty hilarious though :slight_smile:

That last link… art + science. Information + creativity, gets me every time.