Jong Ro Shul Lung Tang Garden Grove- Outrageously good pork neck stew

The namesake Jong Ro beef soup (#5) with tripe and brisket was surprisingly bland.

The pork neck soup (#13) was outstanding. Perfect on a cold SoCal night.

They also have supersized family versions (#25)

Highly recommended.

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last i checked seullungtang isn’t s’pose to be spicy…

is that some kinda crazy white balance going on, or?

It’s an iPhone.

Wasn’t really spicy. Just super flavorful.

the pork neck stew is gamjatang, probably. should be spicy usually.

that looks like gamjatang. the version at ham ji park in k-town is the standard IMO. but it’s relatively easy to make at home.

Oh yes glad you also made it here! While searching for a place that does Korean soups also carrying galbi tang, this place came up during the October trip and we went twice! They are open for breakfast too, so that was the last bite before getting on the plane.

Damn good and cheap, mostly Korean expats customers. Our waitress/cashier didn’t seem fluent in English but spoke enough to understand and really appreciated our business.

Galbi tang, dogani tang (ox knee bone, but tasted more like tendon) and haejangkuk (hangover soup)…the beef cubed blood seemed a touch dry but this was a hearty version of doenjang jigae. Even without a hangover it was very addicting. As a NorCaler, seeing the big bone in rib and might tasty brings a tear to me eye. Korean Flintstones? I think the only place in NorCal where I’ve seen an almost yay size of bone rib would be Chungdam in Santa Clara.

Was thinking about Gam Ja Tang but thought it might be too much.

It’s cold down there too? Same for up here (though my pot de feu was Budae Jigae).