Jook/Zhou/Congee in Chinatown?

With the demise of J&K HK Cuisine, which used to serve a decent bowl of Chinese congee in the vicinity – what are some other suggestions? Trying to avoid the drive to the SGV, where there are many options…

i don’t know if this is your type of porridge but Porridge + Puffs is in Filipino town

Phoenix Inn.

I think the salty bone porridge at East Garden Restaurant is pretty good. As is the hog maw porridge at Phoenix Inn.

Your mother never showed you how to make it? If you’re southeast Asian, you shouldn’t eat out for this. You NEED to have this in your cooking arsenal. I’m probably speaking on behalf of your mother as well. It’s the easiest thing to make. There’s literally 4 ingredients.

Just humor the OP. Maybe he/she is from Antarctica, and not SEAsian. Or maybe he/she is unable to cook for whatever reason.

This, being the restaurant talk portion of the FTC board (there is a separate Home Cooking Board elsewhere on FTC), do you have a restaurant jook/congee/porridge recommendation?

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Not everyone has a mother that cooks or even has a mother that lived long enough to show them how…

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I am confident to say almost all of Asia eats rice porridge, not just SE. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysian/Singaporean.

It is easy and it’s one of the 1st dishes I learn to make from my culture that and scrambled eggs and tomatoes

If you can make jook ike the ones I’ve had at Sang Kee at home without any fuss - where the seafood, or the offal is cooked to perfection, then I salute you and beg for a dinner invitation.

If you’ve had kap dai jook, teng jai jook from sang kee or even a lesser jook po - and think its the “easiest thing” to make - then please let us know your secret.