JThur01's Latest LA Eater San Gabriel Valley Update

Not new new, but try Nanjing Salted Duck in Rowland Heights (@ the Galleria Market).

Yes, their namesake duck is pretty good, but try their crawfish, a very underrated and under-the-radar XLB, as well as a shao mai that can best be described as having suffered the Korean osmosis of its surroundings

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Nice photo SAM.

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Better than Nanjing Kitchen in El Monte?

What’s better?


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Is the salted Nanjing-style duck better at Nanjing Kitchen in El Monte or at Nanjing Salted Duck in Rowland Heights?

I think it’s better at Nanjing Kitchen, but I’ve only had it once in my times at Nanjing Salted Duck.

whenever that’s the case, the odds are good someone else took it. this might have been the case where my phone died and a friend took the pic with a much nicer phone (i’m still just a step up from a flip phone)


My mistake, I went to SH#1 on August 9, the posted closure sign date was 7/8/2018 which I interpreted to be July 8th, 2018. But it actually meant August 7th, 2018. SH#1 was closed several days for health code violations on August 7th, 2018 and has since reopened.

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Not sure if anyone’s reported it, but as of Aug 15th, Lincoln Seafood inside the Lincoln Hotel in Monterey Park has closed with a sign on the door that states it’s closed for renovations…