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You’re taking a one time visit on one random day to make, to put it mildly, a very generalized statement.

Place has been up and running for about 3 months now (soon after since Zing Bistro shuttered).

perhaps, but having visited about 250 different establishments in the SGV, many of them similar in size physically as well as in breadth of menu, whenever a place is as full as F.P. was when i was there, i’m used to seeing the ‘special’ dishes on the tables of other customers, especially if the place has been open as long as you suggest. to be fair, there might not be a sufficient critical mass of fujianese, which makes the opening a curious choice to me.

D’oh! Thanks ipse. I missed those. Need to study more.

In another example of “how the sausage is made”, there was so damned much to cover last month that I had to edit things down tightly and also hurry. That’s when the occasional mistake or oversight slips in :grimacing:

Not sure I was saying it was your fault (your doing yeoman’s work, after all); it’s just that I don’t want people to get the idea that Fuzhou cuisine is nothing but fishballs.

Sort of like thinking that Italian food is all about pizza.

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Actually I always associated Fuzhou food with peanut butter noodles and also sour cabbage. Guess I spent too much time on East Broadway and Eldridge in NY Chinatown.

:+1: Thanks ipse, I wouldn’t want to leave that impression either.

Wait, you’re telling me there’s more to Italian food than pizza? :thinking: :wink:

Turned in the latest update. Despite a lot of turnover, I tried to give a few more details this time. Hopefully, Matt didn’t mind the length :wave:

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follow up on noodle palace:

  1. the owners are the parents of the wife who cooks at laoxi noodle in arcadia. the daughter was actually there with her son alexander and recognized me when i came in.

  2. the wife special noodle previously ordered included a vegetarian version. it was that sauce that threw off the balance.

  3. this leads to a clarification of menu page one (see above). there is a list of noodle choices, but they all come with the wife special noodle toppings. although they’re listed, they do not recommend the choice of mao er duo with the wife’s special sauce. i think they should rename it mom’s special noodle, but i digress.

  4. menu page 2 list meat versions on the left side, vegetarian versions on the right side.

  5. tried the beef noodle soup. the beef was tasty and perfectly cooked, but the broth initially seemed underwhelming but as i god deeper into the bowl the flavor got beefier and more concentrated. i don’t know if it’s by design but it reminded me of a two flavored ramen broth with the lighter layer on top

  6. tried the special thick pancake. there was a faint aftertaste of lard but i suspect you’d want these to clean the sauce out of the bottom of your bowls.

  7. the sauces are the same recipes, but noodle palace will serve more variations of noodles. the arcadia location has no room for the noodle machine they have in the kitchen at noodle palace.

wow. i didn’t know that i could do bullet points this way. anyway, if you like laoxi noodle house and rosemead is more convenient for you, noodle palace is an option for shanxi cooking.

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I’m sure someone else may have already reported this, but as I was going into the food court at the GW Supermarket complex in Rosemead to buy a couple of large cups of freshly pressed sugar cane juice, i noticed that Tasty Food is gone, and California Hot Pot & Bone Broth took over. Spoke to the worker there who told me that it’s run by the same family who was looking to offer something different (and trendy). $10 a bowl, and you add garnishes to it. Open from 11 to 2:30p and 5 to 8:30pm. Hainan chicken is not currently on the menu, but may be introduced back sometime in the future.

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Nice! Always great to know more places that do sugarcane juice.

It’s Nuoc Mia Vien Dong to the left of Tasty Food that sells fresh sugar cane juice.


i liked tasty food, but i never got used to the idea of calling ahead and so if i dropped in, they never had an chicken rice available. i’ve been doing cluck2go instead,

Yeah, blame it from the reporting by LA Weekly and EaterLA that increased the demands for their Hainan Chicken.

an hour wait time suggested that they had to prepare a fresh bird and/or pot of rice. couldn’t afford a bigger pot?

I mentioned Noodle Palace here.
It was good

interesting that the pork is exactly the same pork that’s part of the trinity of the wife’s special:

tomato & egg
pork belly
ground pork.

which turns out to be two third’s of that trinity.

each part of the trinity sits in a steamer tray until it’s dispensed. i’m not sure that i want to know that because it’s prompting speculation on my part that i hope isn’t true…

there is now a later than latest eater update. should we just keep using this thread?

the headline suggests that “aghoo” has reopened. yay for the seaweed fried fish.

i noticed mr. fish was dark on a weeknight about 3 weeks ago.

pho at dim sum world? at least they won’t have to change their monograms.

Let Matt know about the typo. Or, maybe he read it here :wave:

I noticed Mr. Fish dark on a Saturday even earlier, but unfortunately, it still came after the last update was filed. Some of the items might be old news, but the updates are a rundown of notable changes since the previous one, which sometimes can fall 6-8 weeks apart.

understood. likewise, in response to your response, my initial comments in particular to your eater articles are more in the vein of “oh yeah, i remember…” as i see a lot of things that in and of themselves don’t seem noteworthy unless i have at least 3-4 things to note in a summary. like how qiwei kitchen in the 99 ranch market on main in alhambra isn’t going to make it seeing how they keep dropping prices. they’re down to like $5.99/lb raw ingredients from an amount nearly double that, vs. being a commentary on timeliness even if it doesn’t always seem that obvious in how it’s phrased. i’m also more likely to comment if i have an interest in the cuisine. hot pots just don’t do it for me even though they’ve become all the rage, ditto for mala-emphasizing sichuan. and i do keep track of how much time elapses between submission, printing and the next submission. around the month mark i begin looking for the next article on a daily basis actually.

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Wow, I got gypped on my visit to Qiwei when they opened.

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