July 2020 Rundown

No, no hot seafood on the rich Corinthian leather! :wink:


En Voyage LA Edition

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He’s the in-house food critic. Judges all things fishy.


Methinks I had dinner at the wrong house tonight. Great spread, @moonboy403!



Having escaped LA for warmer less virulent climes I’ve been getting my fill of mango season in Oahu

Zigu great al fresco dining smoked potato salad and kale noodles with okra and natto double slime :slight_smile:
Chutoro from maguro bros
champagne mango

Furikake ahi from nicos

Lime tart from little pyramid

A pirie mango and Hayden mango along with mango flavored sherbet from asato family shop

Andagi -hawaiian hush puppy

Pipikaluha short ribs from helenas they won a James beard but my order on this visit was unfortunately dry


Enjoy. How’s the mask sitch out there? Tell us if you do Sushi Sho!

Sleeper grinds in Honolulu: Yama’s Fish Market for casual plates, and Ahi Assassins for poke of the gods…


Thanks for the recs both those spots are awesome! I’ve done sushi sho twice before on visits but I haven’t done indoor dining since covid. Although I definitely thought about it.

Sho spaced their dining room so the main bar has only 8 seats instead of the usual 10 and the small bar has only 4. But with the length of meals and with the amount of staff they have unfortunately I still feel the risk is too high :frowning:

I’ll just have to stick to getting their weekly chirashi bowls which are a steal at 30 dollars a pop.


Aw yeah. No ka oi.
And do them malasadas to the max.
Tim Ho Wan in Waikiki is better than Irvine.

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Needle: Pork chop rice is OK - I get that “day old rice” should be used for fried rice, but in this case it was a tad too dry. Like a good trendster, I also got the char siu kit, but knowing everyone would be heating theirs up pretty much immediately, I wanted to hold off on trying mine to see more feedback before attempting it. On the bright side, the almond tofu, with all that fresh fruit and excellent agar texture, was refreshing and definitely worth it.

Antico: SUMMER HARVEST PLUM ice cream (not on their printed menu) is tied with Chef Colby’s Andy’s Orchard Peach and Harry’s Berries Strawberry for Antico’s best ice cream thus far. It’s so damn convincingly true to flavor, I want to bring some of this to Leo Bulgarini and ask what he thinks of it.


@hungryhungryhippos is the quarantine requirement for travelers from the global-epicenter-of-uncontrolled-Covid19-infections still in effect?

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Yes it was supposed to be lifted in Aug. 1 but the rolled it back after the state was unable to implement effective testing a monitoring measures and there has been a spike in cases in Hawaii (although small compared to the mainland).


Picked up some Indian food at Crown of India in Hollywood. Nothing mind blowing but still pretty good. I don’t always have time to drive down to Artesia so this will do. I didn’t see a whole lot of orders when I picked up (dinner time on Sunday), which worries me about the business staying open. You get a ton of food for the price.

Husband got vegetable kofta, I got aloo gobhi, with sides of chili pakora, rice, naan and samosas. Their samosas are huge and very full of potato/pea filling, crispy even after a 15 minute drive home.

Before we picked up our food at Crown of India, we stopped at Bhan Kanom to pick up some Thai desserts. I haven’t been here since COVID restrictions started, and I was wondering how they would handle it since it is a very small and narrow space. They are only allowing 6 people in at time (which seems like too many considering how small it is) and masks required. They also have plastic dividers up around the cash register counter area, and pass your order under the divider. But I didn’t have to worry about crowding because there was only one other customer in there.

I think they could cut the sugar in this a little and it would still taste good. I like the coconutty pandan flavor but it is pretty sweet.

I saw them making a fresh batch of mango sticky rice while I was there and the guy in front of me added it on to his order at the last minute. I did the same :yum: They give you a LOT of mango (pretty much an entire one) and rice. The mango was perfectly ripe and sweet. I’ve noticed some places don’t sweeten their rice and rely on the coconut sauce for sugar, other places sweeten it. BK’s sticky rice is sweetened but not too sugary. Pro tip- add on some muoi me dau phong – Vietnamese sweet and salty peanut sugar topping. It’s a great textural and flavor addition to the softness of the mango and rice. A lot of Vietnamese sticky rice desserts (xoi) have this topping. It’s really easy to make if you have a food processor or blender (or be an old school Viet grandma and just mortar and pestle it!).

Apologies for the sparse photo. I actually got 6 pangchi (taro coconut mini cakes) and 6 kanom bueng kem (sweet crepes) but we ate most of them before I took the photo :laughing: If you can’t eat them all fresh, popping the pangchi into a toaster oven for a few minutes to warm them up really helps release that delicious taro and coconut flavor and scent. For the kanom bueng kem, store in an airtight container (I use a GlassLock container) but try to eat it by the next day, the coconut cream spread tends to soften the crepe over time.

Also gotta pick up some Thai snacks when there. They have a nice selection of packaged Thai/SE Asian chips, cookies, etc.

Unfortunately did not see any kanom krok while I was there. But when they are making it fresh, it is sooo good.


Alphonso Mango?

Looks like a large ataulfo, or is it a honey mango?

Is anyone importing/exporting these in bulk besides this guy? Was lucky enough to have an alphonso mango shake at a tech consulting company’s commissary and it blew my mind. Like, if a commissary could make the mango taste so damn good…

Would love to hear of any other leads…

Ref: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gyw4zb/alphonso-best-mangoes-india-us

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@moonboy403 I feel so completely inadequate.

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@J_L @teriyakichi Not sure, I could see the produce box the employee was taking mangoes out of, but it didn’t say anything about the type of mango. But the mangoes looked pretty big and the skin was mostly yellow with some red. It was really creamy, no stringy fibers and soooo sweet.

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We’ve gotten a few Win-dow burgers in this plague year, and we find that between two average adults, one double cheeseburger + the simple but tasty salad (plus maybe some fries :slight_smile:) is enough to fill you up

You, too, can get a judgmental cat.


Car snacks. (Took photo at home with what was left)

Croquetas de pollo and papas rellenas from Portos.