Jun Won Dak

still in soft opening but the full menu is now available. ooe was perfect :hugs:

there’s a small seating area inside if you want to dine in. they take cash or venmo for now and they close at 6.


They’re back! Can’t wait for the black cod.


@PorkyBelly I called Jeff at 6:30pm today and missed out on my Samgye-Tang :laughing: Still craving for it. Possibly the best Samgye-Tang in Ktown imho :two_hearts:


Besides the cod how were the other dishes?

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10th heart. Chicken soup looks fire.


So happy! Just in time for the cold weather!


they were all delicious. travels and reheats great.


I made up my mind. My fav dish from their menu is this:
MAMA shared a post on Instagram: "JUN WON IS BACK. JUN WON IS BACK. JUN WON IS BACK. 

It’s been a long journey, but after 2 and half years,  @junwon_la is finally back in the community with all the hits: samgye-tang, galbi-jjim, braised cod, and...

There is something so darn comforting and right about the way Jeff’s Umma does this dish. A usual comfort dish you can easily find around here, but I can’t get this version off my mind. Something about it is very perfectly made than any other versions I’ve tried since growing up.

The soup is more flavorful, the texture of the chicken is just right, ain’t too mushy, or overcooked like the what you would typically find around Ktown. And most importantly, the rice stuffed inside has more flavor, better texture and mix up so well with everything. Their sides and simple but much more delicious…

Anyway, I have a crush on this Ginseng Chicken Soup, so don’t skip it. Jeff’s Umma wanted to make it so badly for a reason…

I wanna learn how to make it, haha. All I want at this moment is their Samgye-Tang :two_hearts: