Kali vs. Simone

Have reservation to Kali and Simone for tomorrow. Need to pick one. Food quality is the sole factor.
Which should I go to?



Simone for me but I’ve only been to there during brunch. There’s high QPR with Kali’s Chef’s Tasting Menu though!

Where did you go?

Have yet to go to Kali but I really like Simone. I’ve been twice now and, while the dishes can sometimes be overly complicated/challenging, I really like the place.

As much as I like Simone, Kali is really on another level.

We ended up at Kali.
Chef Kevin was not working Sunday night, however the food and service were very solid.
House made farmer’s cheese, see urchin pasta, and cod were standouts, in a good way. We did not regret this choice.