Kappo Osen -- Santa Monica

While driving to Colapasta yesterday, I passed by a place called Kappo Osen. No reviews here, although there’s a good number of reviews on Yelp (and the place seemed decently busy).

Has anyone been? At @Haeldaur apparently has been to the sister restaurant in Silverlake (Osen Izakaya) and is the only poster who has mentioned the place.

BTW, in unrelated news, there’s a Trader Joe’s opening on Wilshire and 23rd. You’re welcome.


FYI signs at the Trader Joe’s saying they’re opening 9 am tomorrow morning


I have been considering trying it - menu and booze selections look pretty legit.

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Food at both is very good with a slight advantage to Silverlake. Atmosphere in Silverlake is about 100x better.

Reviving this old thread as I had lunch there today. Ordered the five piece Lunch Omakase. Pretty standard assortment. Toro was excellent, very buttery and tender. Ebi and uni were quite good. The rice was disappointing. It was fairly cold, and the nigiri tended to fall apart when picked up. Very pretty place, and service was good.


yeah… this isn’t really a nigiri place, i reckon. though i haven’t tried the real omakase dinner at the sushi bar yet, ain’t sure if i want to

the sashimi omakase is good value though. and the yakitori. not authentic japanese style, but good in its own way

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i said the place isn’t good for nigiri, but finally i ordered a few pieces at the sushi bar … and they were pretty good. the rice has a good bite, was well seasoned, and definitely not mushy or old.

it’s all daily special stuff, which i ordered directly from the chef though.

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