Kappo Osen -- Santa Monica

While driving to Colapasta yesterday, I passed by a place called Kappo Osen. No reviews here, although there’s a good number of reviews on Yelp (and the place seemed decently busy).

Has anyone been? At @Haeldaur apparently has been to the sister restaurant in Silverlake (Osen Izakaya) and is the only poster who has mentioned the place.

BTW, in unrelated news, there’s a Trader Joe’s opening on Wilshire and 23rd. You’re welcome.


FYI signs at the Trader Joe’s saying they’re opening 9 am tomorrow morning


I have been considering trying it - menu and booze selections look pretty legit.

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Food at both is very good with a slight advantage to Silverlake. Atmosphere in Silverlake is about 100x better.