Karabagh Eastern European Market

I love finding ethnic markets and marveling over the variety of stuff I’ve never tasted. Ranch 99 is a treat, and recently I’ve discovered Karabagh Meat Market and Bakery. It’s right next to Kavkaz on Santa Monica and the 101. Kavkaz is where you can get tasty fresh-grilled kabobs. Actually, all the items on the menu at Kavkaz can be purchased at Karabagh.

Here’s Kavkaz
And here’s Karabagh

The meat counter is spectacular, with sturgeon and trout, lamb, beef, pork, chicken and other meats, along with a huge selection of salami’s, sausages and cheeses. There is also a deli section, with premade salads, stuffed cabbage and other premade items. Very impressive.

There’s also a nice selection of canned goods, lavashes and a freezer section with a variety of dumplings, pastas and other items.

I bought a 2 pound bag of frozen Khinkali. YUM.

Those were some tasty Khinkali. I also got some delightfully fresh and tender lamb chops, and I bought one of those skewers that’s shaped like a sword. This made turning the meat sooo much easier.

And for dessert, I got some delightful fig puffs.

It’s a great little neighborhood market, very clean and lots of stuff to try. Next time I’m going to get some of the stuffed cabbage leaves and try some of the salami and cheeses.


Wonder if it’s related to the Armenian market of the same name in North Hollywood. That place has great marinated meats and pretty good produce.