KASS by Chef Christophe Émé is Planning to Open Later This Month!

I am a huge fan of this guy. His cooking at Ortolan was superb. The new La Brea location is coming along nicely. Very excited…


That’s pretty cool!

Casual french?

I’m very excited, this will be by us. I was next door for lunch. I’m french food obsessed. Been watching for a long time

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Who’ll be the first to go eat? They soft opened.

That’s easy…


I’m not paying enough attention I guess lol. Who’s the pioneer on the board?

Got locked out of soft open (I suck.)

Hope the usual suspects on this board fare better…

Seems to me @PorkyBelly gets to the big name openings a hair before all others…


And @J_L. I don’t know how they do it.

They tell restaurants they’re a key player on the top food board on the webs?

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Is that a joke? Not being mean. But really?

I think they’re OG superstars…or have superhuman powers. Still grateful that they go to the trouble to check out new places for us.

They just show up at the door with this bad boy in hand



Ha! It’s more like this

That, and I have really good babysitters on standby.


Ditto. My heroes. Seriously.


I was very excited when Republique opened. Went to their soft opening. It was dreadful…and I was very disappointed. Took me years to go back to what is clearly an excellent restaurant.
Not going to soft openings any more…
I guess you are paying money for them to figure out what works and what doesn’t in the restaurant.

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From Kass FB photo.
My guess he is not standing on the beloved Toto.

Yep. I kind of have a rule of not going to any pricy restaurant in the first month at all. Let those pans get seasoned a bit :slight_smile:

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LA Magazine article