Kato - Extended Tasting Menu

Isn’t there a separate license that allows for BYOB?

The “water glasses” were more like pottery. Weird to drink wine out of them.

Not allowed to


I’m down. I really like Kato.

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Featuring @chandavkl and jon yao


I’m choosing between Somni, Providence, Orsa & Winston, Kato for my b day trip for 2, possibly a group of 6 if my sis and my sis in law comes with their husbands.

Which places should I book?

There’s also Taco Maria for Sunday Brunch, which is a day closer to my b day.

personally i think the size of the group would make a big difference. with 6 i’ll take Providence, for 2 Somni


Sunday brunch at Taco Maria is not the same experience as dinner. I’ve never been but there have been a lot of disappointing brunch reviews on FTC.

Personally I cannot imagine how one would/could book Somni for 6.
Would add that I do not think Kato is not at the level of the others despite the 101 listing.


go providence if you’re into a delicious seafood-centric meal. somni if you’re into less delicious but a much more whimsical experience.

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Loved their brunch. Yogurt & Fruit is like sweet whipped dessert and Molletes with huitlacoche butter and salsa tatemada is a great way to start the day along with their Michelada and Agua Fresca. It would be hard to choose between the 2 options if I were to go there alone.

Which tasting menu should I go for if I were to dine at Providence? I see that there are 3 options.

Where would you take a good friend if she’s leaving California in a few months? I’d love to take her to Hayato because she loves Japanese food, though she has a Shrimp allergy and their FAQ states that they can’t provide alternate menus.

not sure what your celebratory drink will be, but Kato has no liquor license, so the best you can do is to drink your BYOB from a ceramic cup.

Does it need to be a tasting menu? If you want Japanese food, go to Aburiya Raku or go to Shunji

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No doubt jon yao is shooting for more stars with his new $188 extended tasting menu featuring more smaller courses and more luxury ingredients.

@nemroz bucks ($188 + tax + tip + pre-dinner dinner - free corkage - 4.5% cash back)

oyster, tomato
kusshi oyster with tomato water gelee and wood sorrel

hokkaido uni, tapioca fritter, brown butter soy
Highlight, wish the uni to tapioca ratio was higher though.

(new) tuna, toast
spanish tuna toast with anchovy chili oil topped with kombu

sea bream, meyer lemon

(new) dashi poached spiny lobster, sesame, nasturtium, sesame dressing

(new) caviar, corn
Highlight, loved the balance of the sweet corn and salty kaluga caviar and that fudge-like yolk was perfect. @Chowseeker1999

chawanmushi, crab
Highlight. I think this might be their play on chinese egg drop soup. @TheCookie

(new) 3 cup abalone
A play on taiwanese three-cup chicken this had familiar flavors of soy and sesame with a bit of heat.

turbot, soy, steamed kohlrabi
Perfectly executed chinese-style steamed fish with ginger and scallions. This version has ginger and scallions in a relish and also in a powdered form dusted on top. The broth is made from the bones fortified with aged soy and scallion oil. Highlight.

wagyu with ox tail jus and baby shiitake mushrooms, tokyo negi

(new) sablefish, rice
binchotan grilled and soy marinated sablefish with rice seasoned with a dried scallop shacha sauce. Highlight.

yogurt, elderflower
Elderflower granita with frozen yogurt and grape jam on the bottom. Refreshing palate cleanser highlight

sweet potato boba, cheese foam, frozen & shaved brown butter sable cookie
Salty, sweet and chewy. Highlight.

jasmine, koji
musk melon

FOLH (fear of leaving hangry) pre-dinner bang at onda

fish hiding in kelp - masa-battered pacific kelp, anchovies, puffed meyer lemon frito misto

smoked pork jowl, butter lettuce, burnt pickles, habanero hot sauce


who’s giving you 4.5% cash back?


is that even possible since they were tiny to begin with?

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how did you like the ONDA dishes?

Presumably Chase Sapphire Reserve, which gives you a baseline of 4% back on dining and then 1.5 cents when the points are redeemed for travel through Chase (which effectively gives you 4.5% rewards).


Yep @paranoidgarliclover is right.

chase. 3 points per dollar on dining. 1 point = 1.5 - 2.0 cents*

* redeemed for travel