[KCET] Serving Taiwanese Food in Silver Lake: The Story of Pine & Crane


I wish them much success. They make good food.

I love the cold marinated veggies and greens.

I wish they would keep the Hakka stir fry on the menu though. Maybe the demand wasn’t enough or nobody appreciated it being offered.


'Dem veggies…


went back today after a long time away. great link, ipsedixit, thanks for it.
we went in a group of 3, right at opening, and there was already a line. good to see that it was packed/still doing well.

probably over-ordered but there were too many compelling options on the menu…

Mapo tofu, 3-cup jidori chicken, dan dan noodles.
cold veggies: wood ear mushrooms, cold crispy potatoes, Chinese long beans.
these were all well done and satisfying. I especially liked the spring/snap of the noodles, and the very subtle spice of the mapo tofu, and the tofu’s silky texture.

we also ordered the omelet, with turnip – very nice. Beef roll was excellent as always.

pan fried pork buns. clean-tasting and good clean flavor, but I think I’d go for the pork potstickers next time, miss that rush of hot dumpling juice when biting in.

hope to go back soon…