Keller Exits Hudson Yards

Given the closure of Neiman Marcus, can’t say I’m surprised.

“Given the challenges of the past five months, we could not find an economically viable path to continue operating without expected seasonal, New York tourism and traffic,” Keller writes in the email


Kinda surprised it lasted as long as it did. How was it received by locals after the initial press. Besides press complaining about the prices i never heard much about Tak room

Unfortunately I never made it there. Feedback from the locals fairly good food-wise, albeit not inexpensive. I was eyeing the roasted prime rib which a friend highly recommended. Part of its strategy I’m sure was catering to expense accounts and tourist… both are difficult to encounter in the wild these days.

I wish it stayed around long enough to do a cookbook! Some of that food would be great to do at home for holidays / special occasions