Kevin's latest review: Decades Before the Poké Craze, This Tiny Studio City Spot Mastered the Form


One of my favorite restaurants.

Crazy inexpensive as well.

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Daichan might’ve been one of my first “introductions” to Chowhound (IIRC). A friend and I would try to meet monthly to eat at new places (to us) in the Valley (where we both lived at the time), and I think I learned about Daichan from CH.

Said friend and I are no longer in communication (long story), but the spirit of CH still exists in FTC! Glad there are some constants in the world! :wink:


All due respect… and acknowledging that good food is good wherever you find it… but since when is poke “Japanese soul food”? Is the raw fish aspect something that came out of the Japanese tourist influence in Hawaii?

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Daichan bills itself as serving Japanese soul food. Their food happens to slant very Japanese/ Hawaiian, slightly more on the Japanese side.

i do like this place a lot, it’s a recent discovery for me since i now work in the area. coworker thought it was bland, but i dig it. people who work there are really lovely. i really liked the salmon poke rice bowl but wouldn’t say it was exactly inexpensive after subbing in brown rice and adding tax and tip. but i’d order it again for sure.

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I have to say that I am a pretty big fan of the poke craze. There’s a lot of shitty combinations and people who load it up with mayo. But as a healthy option, hard to beat a nice pile of rice, tuna, seaweed salad, and avocado. 2016 has obviously been great for food if the big complaint is the abundance of poke places.

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