Killer Easy Tasty Homemade Focaccia for us West Coasters

I was torn - should I post this in a cooking thread? East Coast cuz it’s from NYC? Los Angeles cuzs that’s where I am?

But having lived in the Midwest and visited the East Coast heaps, and now live in LA? F it. If LA folks can get great homemade bread without importing east coast mineral filled water (it does make a difference) or driving cross town - I am here to share.

Kenji of Serious Eats (and Cook’s Illustrated) is a great cook and inventor. KILLER. But he can tend to sometimes, maybe, overcomplicate things.

So his recipe, flat out, is excellent. Truly. But it’s more of a special occasion thing.

Me? I don’t do the rosemary/pistachio/salt topping (the pistachios tend to fall off anyway.)

I simplify it and make it with just fresh chopped rosemary and salt or, like an everything bagel, salt, poppyseed and garlic or onions if I desire. (I’d say sesame seed too, but I don’t have it in the house right now.)

Anyhoo, 5 minutes of prep the night before, another two minutes of prep to set it for the second rise, preheat the oven and then another minute of prep before you put it in the oven? And then? Magic.

One of the sayings in my world is “You can get it fast, good or cheap. Pick two.” With this bread? As long as you can do an overnight rise? You get all three. Yay Kenji!
Happy baking folks : )

P.S. This does seem to be in the same family as the no knead bread/overnight rise Suzanne Dunaway did in Beverly Glen years ago. But what Kenji does with the cast iron skillet, oil and salt takes it into a whole new place : )


PS - here’s a pic of the bread : )


Thanks for the link, @Happybaker!

I like J. Kenji, although I agree he can be… complicated. But that’s prob what made him such a good fit for ATK.

I’ll probably try the recipe w/i the next 1-2 wks. Right now, I’m trying to figure out a sourdough starter. I’ve never truly kneaded bread (I normally use the NYT no-knead recipe), so I should probably give it a go b/f I revert back to more no-knead recipes… :wink:

Thanks. Got his book a couple weeks ago. This should go well with the salad section I started on. The book weights 7lb, not for bedtime reading I intended for.

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Sourdough starters can be grumpy. I finally got a version of Nancy Siverton’s to work when I realized I really needed to use organic grapes as even well washed conventional ones killed off the wild yeast. Good luck!


@ebethsdad: since you’ve got some experience, do you mind taking a peek at the question I’ve posted in the “Home Cooking” section? :smile:

Made it! I decided to do all of the recipe’s toppings for the first go. Pretty impressed by the results. I should have made larger indents for the toppings, but it turned out, I think. I can definitely see how this could translate into a killer pan pizza.

Next time I will get better olives and focus on just those + salt.

My focaccia Millennium Falcon:

Thanks for the recipe! I plan to make this too much.

Edit: Oops. Meant to update the home cooking thread. My bad!


Oh! I love this! So beautiful and so happy for you!!!

I just picked up a jar of beautiful marinated artichoke hearts and am thinking of doing a version of the bread with those.

Please keep posting updates of what you do with the recipe - it’s such a great base and then what folks bring to it? Makes it even better.