Kim's Restaurant On Crenshaw Closed By Anti-Chinese Harassment

Kim’s Restaurant has been a neighborhood favorite since probably since the 70s in Crenshaw Square, a couple of blocks up from the Baldwin Hills Mall. Yeah, it’s old style Cantonese so I’ve only been there a few times over the years, but it was always reassuring to have it there as a dine-in Chinese food option. So I was outraged to read that they just had to close because of anti-Chinese harassment. That really sucks.


i really wonder what is going on in people’s minds. You would think for a place that has been there since the 70’s the neighborhood would know better. damn, that sucks…


That’s so sad and demoralizing, thank you for reporting this and bringing it to everyone’s attention.

I grew up in the same area during WW2. A Chinese laundry in the neighborhood had to shut down because folks there thought they were the “enemy Japanese.” Nothing much has changed.

My folks told me that back then they had to walk around wearing “I am Chinese” buttons to avoid incidents.

Oh no!!! I was going to order from them this Friday. :frowning: I hope they re-open, they are truly a gem of not only tasty food, but fresh food in the area as their veggie in their dishes were TOP NOTCH


And I think East Indians probably wished they had similar buttons after 09/11. It’s same as it ever was, and it’s infuriating. :frowning:

That is correct. I remember that well. The when Mao took over China after WW2, they wore buttons saying “Loyal Americans, not Communists.”

Yeah, I’m kinda’ shocked.

It doesn’t help when the POTUS says things like “the Chinese flu”.


That’s so sad.

Sad, sad, sad!

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when people are angry and frightened they invariably seek a target to blame. when it reaches a critical mass bad things happen. i hope it doesn’t happen here.

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Do you have info about the type of harassment or who was doing it? Was it young or old people? It’s hard to believe folks who know them and grew up eating their food would react this way… :thinking:

Not much information out there. I found out from a thread on Nextdoor from a posting from one of the customers who made the discovery. The security guard told her that the restaurant closed because of harassment, as did an employee at the nearby Orleans & York. People in the neighborhood are upset and would like to show their support but nobody knows how to contact the owner. Frank Shyong of the LA Times said he’ll try to track them down.


Thanks @chandavkl.