Kiriko - anyone been lately?

I am planning on going tonight for the first time in years… I should NOT have looked at the yelp reviews. Can someone please confirm that it has not gone downhill? I can deal with service issues which seem to be an issue, I just want to make sure the fish is still great. Thanks :slight_smile:

I go regularly, and Kiriko is as good as ever.

Yelpers are weak. Listen to your FTC family. Kiriko is strong.

We did go to Kiriko. Fish was great, a bit heavy handed with the wasabi though. It didn’t take away from the flavors in the end, just gave us a rush to the nose that we didn’t mind. The place was pretty dead for a Saturday night. Not sure where everyone goes these days… but by the time we left around 8:30 I think, the bar was mostly empty and only the table in the very back was occupied. When we arrived a little after 7, an additional table in the front was full and the bar had a three more people. $250 excluding tip with 2 drinks. (normally there would have been more sake but we made a stop at Moonshadows first). Glad we went, but would probably go somewhere else next time we are up for the splurge to that side of town.

I would partially dissent.
I find it riskier than the best of the Westside - Shunji, Mori, Tsujita.
Yes, it can be real strong, but I have been served less than stellar meals in recent years. It has fallen off my love-radar.

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