Kiriko lunch price/quality in manhattan?

asking for a friend: which sushi bars in manhattan would you suggest that offer the quality/price ratio of los angeles’ kiriko’s lunch deal in manhattan?

Sushi of Gari
Multiple locations. Been mostly to the one in Midtown (on 46th/9th)

As unorthodox as Sushi of Gari is, it’s quite tasty. I used to go to the original east side branch a lot. Great rec.

Thanks. I’ll pass it on. Elsewhere I’m also hearing Tanoshi, Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya and Dojo.

Dojo is closed due to health dept violations.

Well, that’s promising…

Isn’t Sushi Gari quite a bit more $$ vs. Kiriko?

How much is lunch at Kiriko? If I recall, it’s $40?

You can get a lunch special between $45-55 at Gari (non-omakase).

I think Kiriko’s lunch deal may have gone up to $46.

My friend is going to dinner with his parents. He wants to get out for no more than $100/head all-in (incl. tax and tip). They’re not drinkers.

Gari might push it for lunch cost wise.

Try KarumaZushi for their lunch specials, $26 - $35 depending on what level you get. Digs are very Tokyo nondescript as a heads up. Don’t go omakase as you’ll break the budget fast.

Kurumazushi was amazing but the most I ever spent on a sushi lunch. Easily $200pp if you order a la carte or omakase.

My friend is taking his parents to Gari. I’ll let you know how it turns out price-wise.