Kisir - Turkish bulgur salad

I went through a phase of making this >10 years ago and can’t find the recipe I used.

It had fine bulgur, biber salçası, tomato paste (I think I used a Turkish brand or maybe Sadaf), pomegranate molasses, and scallions, I don’t remember what else but not a lot more ingredients. Maybe minced onion, a fresh hot pepper, cucumber, parsley, or cilantro? Definitely no fresh tomatoes.

This recipe is way more complicated:

The recipe in Gillie Basan’s “Classic Turkish Cooking” is close, but doesn’t call for any biber salçası.

I recently made Ottolenghi’s from “Plenty.” I’d never had Kisir before so did not have anything to compare it to. Texturally, it seemed a little too al dente even though I’d increased the cooking time by a few minutes. There are quite a few ingredients - happy to send it if you’d like.

His calls for a lot of fresh tomato and no biber salçası.

I made Bulghur with mushroom and pomegranate last night

I found the recipe, it’s in a Paula Wolfert book. I had trouble finding it because it was omitted from the index.