Kitchen and cabinet organization - tips and tricks

Following the now infamous “Oh my God the stench!” Worcestershire Sauce Incident of 2018, I decided it was time to purge and organize my pantry.

The whole thing is 23-inches deep, 50-inches tall, and 86-inches wide. Someone can do the math to determine the volume.

It’s packed full: front to back, top to bottom, side to side.

My confession?

I think I’m afraid of what I might find in the excavation. So I’m eating my current obsession (Werther’s Cocoa Crème Soft Caramels) and torturing the vile kitten with love.


I went through this some time last year. The ‘condiments’ are still organized. The grains/pastas not so much.

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I count 3 jars of jelly. And like me you have numerous jars of Better Than Bouillon. :grin: There are so many flavors it’s hard to decide… so I got a lot.


Every time I look at that center photo, I want to drive over and casually start organizing your pantry while you make us a pot of tea. :slight_smile:


LOL. The problem with that task is, at least for me, I had to take every bloody thing out of it. And ‘marry’ dupes, throw out, etc. And I have a good sized kitchen with lots of counter space. Big heavy sigh.

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These help a lot, especially with spices. Mine are packed in storage and I reeeally miss them.

You can also find adjustable ones to go with the width of your shelf.

P.S. To go with the confession theme. I have been buying new kitchen stuff little by little because I’m too lazy to drive to Inglewood and finish unpacking our storage unit.

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I have rectangular plastic boxes without the lids and things can be stacked two deep.

Turned upside down?

These are good too for some over and under action.


Like this.

And I’m trying to have certain canned things together, like tomatoes, grains, etc.

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Oh okay. Maybe I’ll do that with my bottles of stuff.

If possible, I recommend pull-out drawers. One part of our pantry is a set of 3 pull-out drawers in built-in cabinetry. I store all of our oils/vinegars/marinades/non-refrigerated bottles in one drawer, dry goods like rice/pasta/grains and canned goods for the second, and baking supplies (flour, sugars, vanilla, spices) in the last. Makes life super easy if the cabinet is at eye level or lower.


Great idea! I guess my plastic boxes are a ‘poor man’s’ pull out drawers :slight_smile:

This. All about the drawers. You will never go back. However, it may cost a bit upfront to outfit a pantry with the drawers that will work the best. So worth it, though.


I have a good sized kitchen but alas no pantry and not a lot of eye-level shelving. It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. Maybe pull-outs for the lower cabinet next to the stove?

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We lucked out. The previous owners of our place installed everything for us. They loved to cook and entertain in the same vein that we do, so all we had to do was move on in.
That pantry has made my life so much easier.


Do you have an Ikea near by? We’ve done two of their kitchens and love them. We have the pull out wire basket kinda drawers in most of them. My pantry is one of these from Costco:


We updated our San Francisco flat about 5 years ago. Tore down some walls, rewired and new main, central heat, etc… most important was the kitchen. My wife did a fantastic job designing the layout of our kitchen, and it is a joy to work in. Pull out shelves from IKEA really are a great organizing touch. Economical and works.


We did our entire kitchen, including counter tops and appliances and farm sink (Ikea) for about $7k. That included the induction range and the MW/convection oven.

Several more feet to the right of the sink to the French door, freezer on the bottom fridge.