Kitchen counters

Back with some kitchen questions. What counters do you have? What do you like dislike.

We are thinking quartzite. Positives negatives?

From the Quartzite site, “Prevention. Is. Key. Using coasters, potholders, cutting boards, properly sealing and sealing once a year, as well as not letting stains sit for too long will help keep your quartzite looking gorgeous for years to come.”

This sounds to me like there is a fair amount of attention needed to prevent disfiguration. But all stone requires some degree of diligence. I had a relative who’s profession it was to restore abused stone. His business was brisk.

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Haha appreciate the info this sounds super annoying lol

We had “Ceasar Stone” installed two years ago and it’s relatively maintenance free.
I don’t know much about it other than it works for my family! Might be worth looking into.

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