Korean or Japanese BBQ recommendations

Looking for recommendations regarding “higher end” Korean BBQ. Or Japanese BBQ perhaps.
We go to Korean BBQ once or twice a year. Liked Tenraku and Tokyo Kalbi in the past, but now looking for a nicer place but good quality meat. One of the reasons we enjoyed Tokyo Kalbi is that they have a bunch of salads and even sashimi as appetizers in addition to BBQ.
Should we try Park’s BBQ?

For Japanese Yakiniku in Beverly HIlls, Yazawa
Park’s BBQ for Korean BBQ in K-Town
Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley, the OC.
Seiko-En in Torrance for Yakiniku but not high end.
Manpuku for Yakiniku on Sawtelle.

probably more but these are some from the top of my head

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yes. very good quality meats (since that’s what your looking for).

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I like Soowon Galbi for high end KBBQ.

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Pork jowl and the beef tongue (Prime grade), order it again and again.

My prime beef tongue at Soh Grill House was so tough, we didn’t finish it. Overall not a bad way to scratch the itch if in the SGV, though. And the large party “platters” have good QPR.

The pork jowl was pretty good. Prefer it without the spicy marinade.

Really like Manpuku Torrance as they are the only location I know of that does the
Kobe Style Wagyu Rice Wrap Sukiyaki.

Park’s BBQ is my favorite.

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They let it sit on the grill too long.

That’s a crying shame.


Nope. After the first few pieces came back touch as leather. We asked for it still pink. Still tough. Must have been a bad batch. Will try again and report back.

2017 Update? I can’t seem to find the recent topic where someone gave a better alternative to Park’s.

I like Kang Ho Dong and Aghassi lately. Help. What’s a Park’s competitor.

Have you had Gwang Yang?

They are one of the newer high end bbq places in KTown. On my to-do list.

Always liked Soowon a little bit more than Parks

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Heading to Yazawa tomorrow. Does this place live up to the hype / price? Any ordering recommendations?

Thanks… good reminder… that’s the one i was trying to remember!


korean please

Genwa for the assortment of banchan and bibimbap.

Gwang Yang for bulgogi, kkotsal, anchangsal and pork belly with grilled kimchee.

Parks for galbi, unseasoned and seasoned.

In a perfect world, you combine all three to make the best spot in the city.



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Gwang Yang has awesome meat - get the outside skirt! Banchan are underwhelming. Quite a bit cheaper than Parks though, and the staff isn’t as jaded.

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