Koreatown - 2019/2020

Oh I am sure there have been others…you just may be the hungriest. Are you a soju guy or a beer guy with your Korean feasts? Beautiful pics btw!


Have you been to Jinsol Gukbap, Sulga Jinju Gom Ja Tang, and Jang Ga Ne? Some other places to hit up

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It depends on what we are eating but almost never soju. Makgeoli or beer. 80% of my Korean work is done during lunch though

Thanks, no. They do look good. Jinsol looks least good to me and is right next to my new favorite mudfish soup spot

Jinsol’s pork soup is pretty nice and is flavored with salted baby shrimp, it is a Busan speciality that I believe no one else is doing in Ktown. Give it a try.

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Genwa’s soondubu is so loaded with seafood there’s barely any tofu in it. Really nice though $$$


Soban - 1st timer’s visit in December 2019:

At $40 for the Spicy Galbi Jjim beef stew, Soban’s version during my weeknight visit was extremely disappointing - shiitake mushrooms not fully soaked, nor cooked. Beef was on the tough side and no different from the criticism often directed towards Sun Nong Dan. From what I read, unlike the version produced by the original founding chefs (the present ones are the 2nd owners), this version lacked chestnut and pine nuts.

I ate half and took the rest home — I ended up cooking it for at least 45 minutes on the stove so the beef and shiitake mushrooms became fork tender, added more gochjang, Korean chili pepper powder and topped it off with sliced raclette cheese a la Majordōmo style, not a bad way to salvage a mediocre dish.

The banchan @Chowseeker1999 raved about in her review were the best banchan side dishes I’ve had in SoCal so far. Although not as varied and plentiful as Genwa’s generous 23 plates, Soban’s assortment of one dozen were delicious and balanced without overwhelming my palate with cloying sweetness, nor mouth puckering sour flavors. Loved the fact it was no msg so I might come back in the future for grilled fish so I can enjoy the banchan at Soban again.

As for Galbi Jjim beef short ribs, I don’t know if my outlier experience at Soban was just a fluke or not, but I’m not interested in retrying. I thought Seongbukdong’s traditional version of Galbi Jjim cooked in soy sauce was quite good, but that was around 5 years ago and I’m not sure the level of cooking there is still the same.

I’ve been a lot and it’s never for galbi Jim. Not even aware that they’re know for that. Get their seafood

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Thanks for the tip @Nemroz

I’ll do a grilled fish comparison between Soban and Seongbukdong sometime this year.

As for steamed or braised cod, I’m really satisfied with Jun Won’s version and not gonna try it anywhere else.

Try the Godeungeo Jorim, braised mackerel with cooked kimchi at Soban.

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That’s it. Order the jorims and the Tangs. I see a lot of older Koreans eating the raw crab also


The crab is pretty great!

For ganjang gaejang, think I prefer the version at MasterHa’s nowadays.

Loved this place.
Really deep “shrimp-y” flavor to the dumplings. Dipping sauce is hard to stop slurping.
Very enjoyable on a Sat afternoon
Thanks @Nemroz


Those shrimp dumplings are so good.

I dont even think Dumpling House and Myung In makes those.


i consider them the best in k-town.

yes, in a food court.


Which places give the best spread of banchan for a solo diner?

Genwa maybe. You know you can have us meet you right?


Soban if you wanna be a little fancy.

Jang Ga Ne and Mapo Kkak Doo Gee for more casual

I’ll be here all week.