[KPCC] Why more and more LA businesses won't take your cash

this group of individuals is freaking genius.

Mainland Poke owner Ari Kahan says he gave his customers a grace period to adjust when he decided to take his stores cashless. Today, he tries to provide a work-around for those who only have cash.

“We don’t carry change. We can’t break any bills. But if someone wishes to buy a gift card with cash, they are more than entitled to,” Kahan said. “We don’t want to shut anyone out.”

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I think cash vs card is evened out in terms of line speed, now that everyone is required to use chip and few places seem to have those faster readers like they have in Europe. But I hope this spells the end of the cash-only model.

As long as taxes exist, there will be cash-only models.


Though I’m told that Privacy died sometime in the 2000’s (RIP), cash still allows for anonymous buying and instant debt gratification.