Krispy Krunchy Chicken is HERE

I think I have confessed elsewhere that I have a slight addiction to the Flautas stand at the Baldwin Hills Mall. I love their Flautas. I ADORE their Topo Chips and am addicted to their Agua Frescas. A few weeks ago, I stopped by just to pick up an Agua Fresca and noticed that right next door, a new Chicken place opened up. It’s kinda hard to miss actually, big sign, folksy sign. KRISPY KRUNCH CHICKEN!

Plus, it had a case right up in front showing off the chicken to temp you.

Still, it was mall food court chicken! I grabbed my Pineapple and Cucumber Agua Fresca and left.

Later when I got home, I mentioned the new addition to P. who nearly jumped out his chair. Supposedly this is supposed to be EXCELLENT chicken and he demanded we get some on our upcoming Hollywood bowl trip. So I complied and it was GOOD. Despite being transported for quite a bit, the chicken was wonderfully crunchy. The coating was a touch salty, but great flavor and the chicken was juicy and well seasoned even without the coating (I hate fried chicken that is bland on the inside!). The tiny honey biscut that comes with each ‘meal’ was also REALLY good.

So a couple of days later, I noticed another outpost of this great chicken, at Wings and Greens right next to Orleans and York’s original location on Slauson! I was feeling like a salad anyway was thrilled to have it topped with the fried chicken. I also got an order of their chicken tenders all on their own.

Sadly, although I like the salad option, the Chicken at this location was not nearly as good as the one in the mall. It was not so crispy as this location doesn’t seem to have the same turn around that the mall location does. Which is where we will be going from now one when we get the hankering!


must.try :stuck_out_tongue:

Our local Krispy Krunchy is in a Circle K at a gas station. Now you have piqued my interest.

Is this a pop-up chain? There’s location relatively near me in Venice at “Big Daddy and Sons,” and I’m just confused on how these diff cafes serve the same product?

Thanks Dommy! :smile:

how does the mall Flautas compare with Taqueria Los Anaya? which one is the best in LA?

Interesting. I heard they were expanding, but I had no idea there were quite a few locations locally!! It’s a franchise, so I guess if you pay your fee you get your supply and like Greens and Wings, you don’t really have to change much of your existing operation! Would love to hear more reports about it.

In terms of flautas, the ones at Flautas are a bit different than the ones at Anaya which uses a flour tortilla. The ones at Flautas use a LARGE corn tortilla. They are about the same size, but the ones at Flautas hold up much better than the Anaya. My favorite thing at Flautas however are the Topos, which are like nachos without that awful plastic cheese you get everywhere. THeir Topos with their chorizo and their habanero salsa… HEAVEN.


i thoughtt a flauta with a corn tortilla was a taquito?

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Thanks Dommy! Got it. I’ll have to give these a try then. Can’t wait! :smile:

No, a flauta can be made with corn torillas if they are big enough.


thanks. i guess size matters after all.

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Thanks to Dommy!'s post i stopped by the Baldwin Hills Mall’s Krispy Krunchy Chicken.

we were greeted by a case full of golden crispy looking chicken. :smile:

The white meat fried chicken was crispy, but it was too salty. :frowning: but taking off the crust, i was happy to taste that the breast meat itself had good flavoring (not too salty) just like Dommy! said. That was nice.

The dark meat was less salty (maybe uneven seasoning?) and even more juicy.

The biscuit was light, fluffy 'n sweet, really good. :smile:

overall i like Flossie’s (RIP) Fried Chicken the best, followed by Howlin’ Rays and Jim Dandy (on good days). i’d go to those 3 places over Krispy. But if i’m cruisin’ by the area, it’s a decent alternative.

Krispy Krunchy Chicken
(Baldwin Hills Mall, Food Court)
3650 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 293-3332


RIP Flossies indeed! Thanks for reporting back!!!


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This is also Zach Brooks’ new obsession at Midtown Lunch

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chowseeker, was there a café creole in the same mall ??? a tiny stand purveing po boys, meats and three and stuff like that, but i’m guessing probably not fried chicken so as not to compete with kriskyp kruncy ???

if so that would be fucking dope…

and I must make a beeline to hit up the joint.

So fucking sad that I didn’t hit up Flossie’s way more often.

anyone, happen to know the scoop on whether it may resurface anywhere ???


There is a Cafe Creole. But it’s in way a destination place. In fact, their Culver City one FAILED because it was all around disappointing.


I guess to each their own. I really enjoyed their blackened snapper there, in the CC/Fox HIlls mall, their candied yams, of course ther mac n cheese (one of my favorites around town, just real honest to goodness mac n cheese) and their banana pudding, and of course their fried shrimp and oysters.

their corn bread was fucking horrendous though. but then that’s not what I was there for.

I guess 'm in in the perpetual minority on this one.

Guilty as charged. Love it. Blueberry biscuits. The end.

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Love it. Blueberry biscuits. The end.

Do you have to ask the counter for Blueberry Biscuits. I don’t recall seeing them, even on the menu board.