Kronnerburger - Oakland

Tuesdays now feature aged-beef non-burger specials.

Puntarelle salad: vegetarian, but somehow he got an anchovy-like effect. Best puntarelle dish I’ve had outside of Rome. I guess that little leaf is bergamot. I was expecting the citrus.

Radicchio & warm cured pork shoulder (like ham) salad: brilliant.

Meatballs were like a fantasy version of the Italian-American classic. Tartine garlic bread was creamy and rich. We could have stopped here, that was plenty of food.

Onion rings, best ever, as previously.

Forgot to photograph the whole grilled crab. Luckily it was not very big because we were stuffed.

Or maybe we weren’t stuffed. On the left, Slow Club pot de creme. On the right, a coconut milk and plum parfait with candied fennel seed (like the free breath-freshening stuff some Indian restaurants put out). Both great and barely sweet.

They’re now taking reservations so I’ll probably go more regularly.


So every other day but Tuesday it’s just burgers?

No, there are always other dishes. Tuesday just features aged beef.

For example (changes daily):

Interesting. Are the burgers any good? Rare burger definitely my jam.

Theirs patty melt doesn’t resemble a patty melt at all though which i usually take as somewhat of a bad sign from a place. But thats a personal bias I suppose.

The burger is great, superior beef and bun, though I usually order other things. Few if any of the dishes are traditional. Best and most creative salads around, don’t miss the pâté if you’re lucky enough to be there when it’s on.

I was not a fan of the patty melt, but mostly because it wasn’t really melty or compressed … I am a patty melt purist, I suppose. But everything else (burgers and specials, and especially salads and crudo) have been amazing.

I wouldn’t call it a patty melt or judge it as one, since it’s not rye bread, but I thought it was delicious.

It’s not a place where you should get too hung up on names. Sure, it has “burger” in the name, but you can have a really good multi-course meal like you’d get at someplace that costs twice as much.

Agreed. It was great.

Tuesday dinners this month are Syrian. The kebabs I forgot to photograph were great.

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Spicy fried chicken sandwich. Yum.

On the bright side, Kronner’s got his new gig: