Kuih Cafe (Malaysian sweets and savories)

A friend alerted me to a new spot on Eldridge called Kuih Cafe, serving Malaysian sweets and also some savory stuff. I’ve been twice and tried the ang ku kuih (mung bean filled kuih), pulut taitai (sticky coconut rice and kaya) and seri muka (sticky coconut rice topped with pandan). The last two were my favorite and super delicious! Highly recommended to fans of asian sweets, dduk or sticky rice things in general. :slight_smile:

The owner is also super sweet and very passionate about her craft! She let me know that their offerings rotate daily. Planning to go again today…hoho

also are ig plugs allowed/considered gauche? lmk and i’ll remove it if so… but my ig is nyammcat for those interested! i post a lot of food lol

Edit: Let’s Makan is another Malaysian spot in the area. They also have kuih but I think Kuih Cafe is a little better. Their apam balik (crepe/pancake with filling) is quite yummy, usually comes with peanuts/sugar/corn/butter filling but I don’t like peanuts so I get kaya spread and cornflakes. Bomb

The pandan kuih:

Went again today and got ube cake, more kuih, and nasi lemak! All were yummy, no pics of nasi bc it unfortunately got tumbled on the way home!