Kyoto: Omen Honten Ginkakuji

Right by Ginkakuji, this is an ideal spot to have lunch while visiting the Silver Palace.

We all got the seasonal udon set for 2650 JPY. Udon is has great texture and chew. The grilled chicken a la cart is wonderful. At 1130 there was a 30 minute wait. By the time we left it looked like 1 hour plus. Mostly Japanese speaking.

Plate of condiments for the dipping sauce


People in Japan inhale udon. I have to wonder if they even notice the nice chew. The vegetables in your set look wonderful. What is that mango-colored item on the skewers?

Mochi. Delicious.

What gives the mochi that fascinating color? I hope you get in some tofu and yuba. Kaiseki has to be on your list.

In the first picture it is tai and vegetable on the top left, tofu on the top right in an interesting sauce that I think is miso based but almost has a whif of cappuccino. Then the vegetables with the darker miso dipping sauce, the mochi (no idea why it is that color) and the purple rice with a touch of salted plum sauce.

We have kaiseki in our ryokan by Kawaguchiko/Fuji and at Kanda in Tokyo.