LA FTC'ers a/k/a "beer snobs"

The only thing I ever shared at a beer release was other beer!

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Fantastic beer. Always a bit of a mindf-ck drinking this beer because the color deceives my palate. Love when its on nitro.

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love hanging there!

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Have you ever tried Bean Bump (the double coffee version) or the Cinnamon Roast Crunch? Love both of them as well.


Quadruple release at Monkish today. 3 cans and a bottle. I arrived at 9am for an 11am release and there were already 210 people in front of me. The earliest people starting lining up at 6am. The Monkish hype train is still alive.

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Stereo Brewing anniversary party today. Come

Nice. I have dinner tonight at Majordomo otherwise I might have. Stereo is fun

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Don’t forget the bar next door

They have this collab on tap at monkish. If you like juicy hazy IPAs run don’t walk before this keg gets tapped.

Getting ready for stout season weather but this beer is fantastic.


Hi @js76wisco, thank you for the heads-up.
What distinguishes this hazy IPA from their others?

@Starchtrade this particular hazy is a triple at 10% but has a much lighter drinkabilty. For beer snobs this was a collab between Other Half, Monkish and Cellarmaker. These are three of the best breweries today. The beer goes down very smooth which can be dangerous. When people refer to hazy IPA as juicy the beer can actually taste like juice and not so much like beer. My wife said as much when she had a sip. Very little bite and bitterness. It’s the style of hazy IPA that got me suckered into this whole movement.


Thank you! Didn’t notice the collab was with those two.
May have to make a detour on the way home!

Yes all three breweries released cans yesterday with slightly different recipes.

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Damn. Do wish I was closer

Anyone know where in LA I will find bottles for sale from Sante Adairius, Prairie Artisan Ales and Brasserie Fantôme?


Sante adairius is almost never down here, and Fantome has become pretty scarce lately too. Any reputable bottle shop should have Prairie stuff though.

In general I like Vendome, Sunset Beer Co, Select Beer Store, Sara’s Market, and Handy Market for bottles, among others.


I see Srsly got it covered. Wish we could get SARA here

Been reaching into my closet this week. Full craft beer veterano mode. These held up greatly


Thank you!! I don’t do much drinking anymore outside of when I’m at restaurants.

Most of those bottle shops are new names to me. Excited to check them out! Thanks for responding!

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Can enjoy Ballat Point again now that they are not owned by the big boys. (Kidding/not kidding)