La morra pizza

I know this place has been covered a little bit in the pizza by slice thread but I felt that this pop up should get its own thread so posters could give it a try. It’s run by a couple on the east coast who have built a brick oven cart that they tow around. Unfortunately, they are only open Thursday’s at the tabula rasa wine bar in east hollywood from 5 until the dough runs out . They used to be regulars at Hayden wine bar weekly but I think that got shutdown after Roberta’s opened.

They are slinging in my opinion the best neo-neopolitan pizza in LA.

We had the margherita and the amatriciana (guanciale with pecorino and chili in a spicy tomato sauce). They use seasonal ingredients and every bite is magical. Sorry for the shitty photos but go for the pizza :pizza:.


I like it a lot. Tabula Rasa is one of my two favorite bars in LA.

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permanent location at 8022 West Third


I don’t find anything about this in La Morra’s recent Instagram posts.


Wow - somehow I thought that was from last year but it’s THIS year!
Brave folks to expand at this time, but good for them!

It’s on their IG now…


Damn right down the street can’t wait!

Wow, right up the street from me near the Grove!