LA Prime. . .Travelzoo $99 for 2 with wine

Thought I’d share this deal with y’all. .


Through Jan. 31, 2018

le menu

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I imagine the view alone might be worth the price.

I have a vague memory that, when I was a little tyke, my mother took me to a hotel and we went up, up, up in an elevator to the top floor, where there was a restaurant. I’m pretty sure she took me to the Bonaventure, and it’s probably the first fine-dining (ish) experience I remember. :slight_smile:

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But now we have restaurants on floors twice as high

We hit the bar here when we were in college during a night on the town. It’s not too bad of a place to stop by to grab a drink.

The problem with this “deal” is that you have to eat at LA Prime.

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