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What’s Costco?


Everyone seems to think Angel Maid is Japanese but they are not.
I think one of my co-workers said that it’s a Filipino bakery.
BTW, if going to a Filipino bakery, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon are great too.

But waits at Porto’s are minimal when you pre-order or proceed to the whole cake line. I almost always pre-order so the only worry I have is parking when I arrive.

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Can I ask what you tend to pre-order? We used to do this but they upped their minimum order for potato balls and cheese pastries to something insane like three dozen. If there’s something else we can do to jump the line we’d be all over that.

(And to forestall jokes, Yes, yes, who can’t take down 36 potato balls, har har.)

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Usually, I order a cake with potato balls and cheese rolls. I tend to like the party-sized ones because they’re smaller and easier for people to eat.


My Hakushu, Yamazaki, Nikka & Hibiki age statement hoarding was courtesy of Costco!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal::metal::metal::metal:

& Diaego annual special releases on fire sale :laughing:

I’d say that’s a fair assessment. I think folks (including me) get more excited by the idea of Porto’s than the actual offerings. I like the Guava & the Cheese Strudel, but not sure I’d drive across town for them. BUT! I had the Milk & Berry Cake last weekend and it was so good. :hearts: The strawberries were fine but the cake, custard & cream were lite, moist, creamy & delicious (not too sweet at all).

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Hi @Gr8pimpin - I scored this from a birthday party recently. Everyone went for the frouffy, fancy cake and this was left standing, so. :partying_face:

Chocolatey, moist, fudgey ganache and, yes, gritty smooth sugar frosting. This is one of my favorite chocolate cakes. Tastes like grandma made it… just not my grandma. :nail_care:


Instacart delivers Costco… and you don’t have to be a member.

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Now THAT’S EXACTLY what I talking about!!! YUM!!!

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Lol @Gr8pimpin. It’s sooo good. I don’t like the old-school crisco thing which is why I don’t like Hansen’s anymore - they started taking it to a new level where that’s all you taste. I’m sure Bea’s probably uses it but it’s barely detectable, especially in the chocolate. :hearts:

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Yeah, I stop people who start singing the praises of Costco to me. It’s not that I don’t like them, but we don’t have one close enough to be worth it. We settle for Smart & Final over here - a pale comparison.

Someone up above said the shipping mark-ups make the costco savings not worth it?

Instacart and Costco delivery are 2 separate things


I’ve only used it once, and I don’t remember it being that bad. I thought the post above was referring to Costco doing the delivery as opposed to Instacart, but I could be wrong.

I actually don’t either. I do like buttercream. Bea’s says theirs is buttercream, is it common to add shortening to a “buttercream” frosting or is it just butter?

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I’m not sure it’s common at every bakery, but last time I had Hansen’s cake with buttercream frosting it tasted like crisco and sugar. This was years ago, though.

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Costco delivery is free for orders of $250 or more. There’s a $25 surcharge for orders under $250 and a $10 delivery charge for orders under $100. Online prices are sometimes higher than in the store.


That B true. Also, I dont even really eat turkey, but their roast turkey (same place as the cooked chicken is incredible). I bought it to mix in my dog’s kibble and now make him share.

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