La Tropezienne Bakery on La Brea

The area is finally starting to have very good bakery options. This French one is super exciting for me because it’s not at the Grove and I can pop in and out and get lovely things.

chouquettes are dope… sandwiches are nice… need to try a baguette… they’re known for these namesake cakes though… grabbed one for kiddo’s mini birthday and shall report back presently



I think the namesake is pretty freakin amazing.

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Love the Tropezienne and the chouquettes

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confirmed… kid had a big surprised and then we were blown away with the Trop

Is this part of the French chain, La Tarte Tropezienne?

doesnt’ look like it… Tropezienne is the name of that cake so anyone can name their place that

We’re from Orange County and had a great lunch a few weeks ago at Republique. Ventured up La Brea to La Tropezienne, which we had heard about somewhere, probably on Eater LA. Brought home some wonderful and various pastries. The staff was gracious, even though they were busy at the time.

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No. It is a branch of the La Tropezienne in Saint-Tropez, apparently.


Been going here for about 6-8 months. Finally picked up a large Le Tropezienne with raspberries last weekend - DANG!


It’s good but a friend brought traditional one and it blows this modern version away

What’s a traditional one? And are you talking about friend getting one here or in France or…?